Business Feature|Wild Tribe Heroes

Hello, my name is Ellie Jackson  I am an international children's author and mother of four, writing environmental  children's books on ocean plastic. I have reached over 500,000 children worldwide in schools with the message of ocean plastic, inspiring them, their schools, families and wider communities to take action and help create change in their … Continue reading Business Feature|Wild Tribe Heroes


Women With Gifts| Who Are We?

Its been about two years since we started Women With Gifts and we wanted to use this time to RE-introduce ourselves. First we are an organization/ministry and our goal is to help other women.We are striving to build a community of strong and intellectual women. Why does having a strong nation of WOMEN matter? It … Continue reading Women With Gifts| Who Are We?

Blog Stats|2015

Hello Friends! We first wanted to thank you all for supporting Women With Gifts and our website in 2015. Its because of all of you that we've hit some pretty great milestones in 2015 and we wanted to share those moments with you. Because you stopped by or shared our blogs with your friends, WordPress … Continue reading Blog Stats|2015

Inspiration|Procrastination: The bane of a writers existence

  Procrastination: The Bane of a Writers Existence We writers have all experienced the feeling before. Perched in front of a blank computer screen, the cursor blinking relentlessly—on and off, on and off—as if daring us to type in a word, any word, to begin our literary quest.  But alas, the magic stays in the … Continue reading Inspiration|Procrastination: The bane of a writers existence

Featured WWG|Stephanie Willoughby

Becoming a small business owner was not my plan 5 years ago, but now that I am, I'm in it for the long haul. Little Love Stories Little Love Stories takes your home movies and creates custom documentaries celebrating your life. Little Love Stories started as a way for me to edit my children's lives … Continue reading Featured WWG|Stephanie Willoughby