Business Feature| Caroline Carr

Caroline Carr is founder of Find Your Oomph. She helps others to connect with their inner sparkle,  freedom and energy, and to speak with confidence, ease, passion and drive. She does this through speaking engagements,  1-1 coaching,  workshops and retreats. Caroline has a background in drama, theatre and television, and she’s been a successful coach … Continue reading Business Feature| Caroline Carr


Business Feature| Mykia Wilson

Mykia Wilson is a young poet who is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her love of books and poetry started at a very young age. She often expresses her opinionated stance on societal issues through poetry and written reflections. Heavily inspired by the works of Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes, Mykia doesn’t … Continue reading Business Feature| Mykia Wilson

Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 3}

Not sure how many people believe in love at first site but here is our story. I met my husband in the summer of 1988. I was coming home from a long days work, one beautiful afternoon and in the distance I can see three gentlemen approaching. I thought nothing of it, grab my things … Continue reading Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 3}

Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 17}

Hello, my name is Millie S. Ann Ashmore. I am 34, a wife, mother, worker. When asked what would make me different from other women what came to mind immediately is how I prefer to find our similarities, how rather than looking at how I am different or better or worse I want to see … Continue reading Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 17}

Blog Feature| Kia Harris

Kia is an eclectic entrepreneur and founder of Dare Humanity. Dare Humanity is a nonprofit organization that creates and delivers programs for self-sufficiency, community-driven development and entrepreneurship. She obtained a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco and prior to graduate school, she earned a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Spanish from … Continue reading Blog Feature| Kia Harris

Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

My name is Huda, a 29-year-old Lebanese American. I’ve been married to my husband, Mahmoud, for three years, and we have a beautiful one-and-a-half year old boy named Ameer and a bouncing baby girl on the way whom we’ve decided to name Sophia! Just this past December, I decided to launch my own website in … Continue reading Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

Business Feature|Cendrine Marrouat

My name is Cendrine Marrouat. (It is pronounced as “san-drEEn mar-wah”. The “t” at the end is optional.) Originally from Toulouse, France, I have called Canada my home for almost 16 years. I am a photographer, poet, author of 11 books, and French instructor. I specialize in nature, black-and-white and closeup images. My photography seeks the mundane … Continue reading Business Feature|Cendrine Marrouat

Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Hello, My name is Elena and I am 23 years old. I was born in Romania and moved to Canada with my family at only 11 years old. As much as I love Canada, I live in one of the poorer provinces, which if you know much about Canada’s economy, is not a financial friendly … Continue reading Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Blog Feature| Be Strong and Fearless

Hello my name is Emily is the writer and site builder of Be Strong and Fearless - a blog site centered on God's love and the strength and courage it provides to live out His callings in our lives. She is a daughter of the King of kings and the mother of two beautiful blessings, … Continue reading Blog Feature| Be Strong and Fearless

Blog Feature| A Journey With Me

I am Kei Agustin and I'm a blogger of A Journey With Me  The blog is about my journey as a traveler, a freelance writer, a literary writer and as a STEM advocate. I also write feature articles about the notable people I met during my journey and about topics that interest me. I am a licensed … Continue reading Blog Feature| A Journey With Me

Blog Feature| Jessie Jing

Jessie is a South-East Asian dance artist, writer and blogger currently based in London. She is an award scholar for and recent graduate of Trinity Laban Music and Dance Conservatoire under the Graduate Diploma in Dance programme graduating with a Merit. Graduating from her first degree from Sheffield Hallam University, with a degree in Public … Continue reading Blog Feature| Jessie Jing

Guest Blog| How to Be An Effective Mentor

Many of us set out determined to identify our "life's purpose" as we embark on our careers. We want to tap into our passion and make wise choices that will lead us to a fulfilled, focused, and contented life. This, to me, is the essence of being a successful, self-actualized woman: doing work we love, … Continue reading Guest Blog| How to Be An Effective Mentor