Inspiration| For the Love of Working

If I could be honest, my kids face never lit up by the jobs I've ever held and it sure as hell didn't get me invited to their glorified career days at their school. As with any other woman, or I guess I could say, like any other mom, I really didn't take my career serious … Continue reading Inspiration| For the Love of Working

Announcements| 1 DAY Til Women Are Roses EVENT

Yes, Ladies, that's right we have made it this far. We have made it this far and we only have ONE more day for the Women Are Roses EVENT. Although we have wanted for this event for most of the year. Alot of us attending are still wondering... What will I wear? How will I … Continue reading Announcements| 1 DAY Til Women Are Roses EVENT

Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

A MOTHER’S JOURNEY: THE UNBREAKABLE WILL OF A FIERCE WOMAN She was born in a remote island village in the Philippines.  She was married and pregnant at the age of 14.  During that time, women married at a very young age. It was typical to get married young and become a simple housewife. She came … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

Naa Harper is a Christian speaker, author, and writing coach. She is the author of three books: After, Living Your Dreams: A Woman’s Guide to Fulfilling Destiny and How to Self-Publish Your Book on A Shoestring Budget. Being a wife and mother are her first loves, but her other love is helping mothers discover, embrace … Continue reading Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

{Episode 8 Recap}

Last  Thursday, we finished episode 8 and we encouraged everyone during the episode to go back to episode one. Sometimes when you think that you can't do something, there's always something to prove you wrong..FOR US.. these videos prove that you can do whatever you want in life. The only person holding you back is … Continue reading {Episode 8 Recap}