Quote| Anything Can Happen…

Quote Anything can happen with tea and a smile-LK


Inspiration| Life Lessons

Some people are in your circle to watch you,some people are in your circle to use you.. If you feel are still in the place you were  3 months ago.... ,6 months ago.... 9 months ago.... a year ago...... Its possible that you are allowing your "friends" in your network to use you which is … Continue reading Inspiration| Life Lessons

History|Margaret Brown

Molly Brown (Margaret Tobin) was born on 18th July, 1867 (1), in Hannibal, Missouri, the daughter of John Tobin and Johanna Collins (2), both Irish immigrants. Her father, John Tobin, was widowed with one daughter, Catherine Bridget. When he met Johanna Collins, Johanna was also widowed with one daughter, whose name was Mary Ann. John … Continue reading History|Margaret Brown

Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies! Did you know that this blog/website was created just for you? Yes you? We realize that you have options when it comes to being loyal to a blog but because this website was created with you in mind we're asking you to subscribe to our blog now so you don't miss out on … Continue reading Hello Ladies!

Inspiration|10 Celebrity Quotes

Most of the time people assume that women can't get along. That's actually a lie. Women not only can get along with other women, we can also use their statements to motivate us and shape our everyday lives. Although it was so hard to stay within ten quotes, here's 10 of our favorite quotes from the women … Continue reading Inspiration|10 Celebrity Quotes

A day in history|Celia Cruz [VIDEO]

Born today Oct 21, in 1925, Celia Cruz grew up in the poor Havana neighborhood of Santos Suárez, where Cuba's diverse musical climate became a growing influence. In the 1940s, Cruz won a "La hora del té" ("Tea Time") singing contest, propelling her into a music career. While Cruz's mother encouraged her to enter other contests … Continue reading A day in history|Celia Cruz [VIDEO]

Missing|Zoe Hastings

NewsFix recently reported that the search in Dallas is on for 18-year-old Zoe Hastings' killer. Oak Farms is upping the ante by offering a 10,000 REWARD Earlier the month, the Booker T. Washington High School graduate was found dead Monday morning  in her family's white Honda Odyssey. The minivan had crashed into a  bushy creek … Continue reading Missing|Zoe Hastings

Hair| 5 Fierce ORANGE Hairstyles [PHOTOS]

Orange Hair (preraphaelitebeauty.tumblr.com)Seasons change and so does hair, hairstyles and hair color. With Fall right around the corner who wouldn't want to take a chance with one of Fall's favorites-the color orange. Take a moment to look at the fierce ORANGE hairstyles  we found trending online: Orange press curls (Pinterest) Orange curls (@blairangela on Instagram) … Continue reading Hair| 5 Fierce ORANGE Hairstyles [PHOTOS]

Recipe| Chocolate-Bacon Cupcakes with Dulce De Leche Frosting

We can't really say that chocolate cupcakes would be the top choice dessert most grandmothers would have stood over their stoves to make for us however we can only hope that millennial kids and grand-kids will enjoy these personalized dessert treats-chocolate chip bacon cupcakes. Before you start please understand that the cupcakes you make may … Continue reading Recipe| Chocolate-Bacon Cupcakes with Dulce De Leche Frosting

News|Former first-lady Laura Bush’s creates plan to save Monarch butterflies

Earlier this week Texan by Nature founder former first lady- Mrs. Laura W. Bush and leaders of Texas Parks and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Wildlife Federation announced new statewide efforts to conserve the majestic Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly is not only the official insect of Texas, but the Monarch is … Continue reading News|Former first-lady Laura Bush’s creates plan to save Monarch butterflies

A 13-year-old psychologist spotlights Mexico’s child prodigies

When asked how it feels to be one of Mexico's most powerful women at her age, Dafne Almazan giggles. “I'm kind of proud of it,” she says. “It's a great honor.” Last month, Dafne became the world's youngest psychologist as she graduated from Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology. At just 13 years old, she’s the … Continue reading A 13-year-old psychologist spotlights Mexico’s child prodigies