Guest Post|Just Be You

Just Be You

Ever since I can remember I had always hated the way I looked. I was always the shortest and slowest kid in my class and I weighed more than the other girls in my class and was never popular.

I was bullied for everything! Being smart, being fat and having a deformity. I was born with two thumbs on the same hand. One thumb was removed but the one that remains doesn’t look like a thumb. I always thought it is something to do with me, I am wrong. I even stopped eating for a week to make myself thin, till my mom took me to the doctor’s and I got scared.

I carried this hate with me till the age of 25, that was when I discovered the plus size community. I finally found people just like me, bigger men and women who embraced their bodies instead of punishing themselves. They said “I love myself, and you can too”. Everything before them was “I used to hate myself, but then I lost weight and now I love myself”. I had tried every diet going and I just didn’t stick to them.

I began reading blogs and looking at people on social media and thinking I want to be like them. When I was 27 I finally thought I need to stop hurting myself with my words and thought of how much I hate my body. I decided every day I would spend a couple minutes looking in the mirror and pick 1 thing that I like about myself, either physically or emotionally. Then I would look at myself and say it.

I started with my nose, it may sound silly but it is probably the only feature I have never had a problem with, I think it is very cute, quite button like, so I would just say it to myself, “I have a very nice nose”, being totally truthful I felt like an idiot the first few times I did it, because I thought people would laugh at me but no one saw me, no one knew what I did, so how would they laugh?

Every couple of days I would change what I loved and now when I look in the mirror all I see is the positives, I see a face that has pretty eyes and a cute nose, a mouth that has got me in trouble sometimes, but also helps me speak my mind. A body that lets me walk around and have fun and takes me places I want to go, a body that my husband loves.

Now I am older and a lot more confident in my body, I understand it isn’t about accepting fat people, it’s about accepting everyone. So not hating yourself because you’re fat or thin, it’s about loving yourself for being different. You are amazing and there is no one else like you in the whole world. So you do you and do what is best for you. Just do you and be happy with who you are. If everyone was alike in this cookie cutter society it would be a very boring world! Let your difference make you who you are.

Love you lots ❤️



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Inspiration|Am I Beautiful?

Inspiration| Am I beautiful?

Should I have to ask this question every morning and every night? Who really holds the key to measure my beauty? Is it the people that sell me my hair or my clothes? Is my beauty determined by the amount of friends I have or the amount of likes that I get on social media? Why does the word beautiful bring people so much fear? Is it because of how society has burned their beauty image in our mind? What really makes me beautiful? What really makes us as women beautiful? Is it fake nails? Fake eyelashes? Is it our makeup? If no one ever told you BEAUTY is, beauty is what’s in your heart. Beauty is how you treat people to make them feel special. Beauty is saying everything without saying nothing at all. Beauty is….what YOU determine it is. BEAUTY is you!


What does it take to remove that bubble in your stomach when you meet new people?? Or maybe when you’re dating someone or starting a new job? Being fearless is saying NO to fear. Saying no to self-doubt or just saying no to defeat. Remember you are a winner. Forget about the things you failed at and remember all the things you accomplished. Go out and conquer the world~FEARLESS!


The truth about time is simple-DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. Don’t waste time on people that could care less about you, your intelligence, your beauty or your talents. Don’t waste time being vindictive or malicious. Use time wisely to grow and mature. Don’t waste time wondering or waiting because those are seconds, minutes or hours that you can’t get back. Time is precious. Time is quick. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your TIME!

Inspiration| Smile

There are many things in life that we can not do effectively. There are things in life that we learn from others. There are somethings in life that requires we learn through higher education. Beauty however requires no education and you don’t have to pay for it. When time allows…. When life allows, please take a moment and SMILE.

Inspiration|Hello August

Every new month is a new beginning. Beginning to build connections…new friendships. Water existing plants 🌺. Plant new flowers. Clean out your closets. Donate unused clothes. Love unconditionally throughout the month. Take time to learn. Read a book. Watch positive tv shows. Speak positive of others. Dress in bright colors. Take vacations and drink lots of green tea. Learn from others. Learn from your mistakes and most of all love who you are!

Guest Post|Importance of Self-Love

The Importance of Self-Love

As women, we’re filled with doubt and worry as to who we’ll be and where we’ll go in life. There’s no logic behind this doubt, but it’s there. All of this is placed from a negative energy you treat yourself with. Every little wrong move judged, every curve or freckle judged but only by yourself. You can either be your own worst enemy or your own biggest fan. Only one will help you be the you you’re meant to be.

From growing up with social media, I’ve learnt a lot about the expectations placed on us women to be perfect. It’s delusional to say the least. We worry about the likes on a post, or the comments on our outfits. But why? Because we seek love for ourselves that we don’t already have. This may be from the growing expectations or the judgement we face daily but none of that should matter as you are you and that’s the importance. The only person holding you back from being the best version of yourself is you. I’ve learnt that the hard way. The panic thinking you’re not the right person for the job, the doubt that what you like isn’t the same as everyone else and the constant battle with your mind that you need to be better. It’s all an illusion that you present yourself. It doesn’t need to be like that. People paint self-love as being vain or narcissistic but, it is what it says on the tin: Self-Love. It’s one attribute we need to realise how strong we are. It’s time we stop being afraid of it.

It’s commonly said that ‘you’ll never actually love someone if you can’t love yourself’ and in a sense, this is true. How will you know what you like if you pretend to be someone you’re not? You need to learn to impress yourself before others as YOU are the only one who matters. Wear what you want to wear, don’t give into the social pressure to be a certain way. You are you and that’s the key to self-love: Love the version of yourself you were born to be.

To find yourself is one of the most exciting parts of life. Its to finally be happy in the skin you were given. If I was to wish anything on anyone, it would be to finally love yourself the same way someone could love you. No matter what happens, you are strong, important and are the only person in control of your happiness. Remember how much that matters.

Much love,


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Inspiration|You Got This!

Never listen to that little voice inside of you that tells you what you can’t do. Never listen to that voice tells you your not cute, not fun or not interesting. Never listen to the voice that says no one will like you are or your ideas are stupid or you dress weird. Believe it or not what you hear from your negative thoughts are the the opposite and YOU GOT THIS!