Today we wanted to share the latest book of author Nancy Mulligan. We featured Nancy's blog, My Everyday Challenge on our website on November 22,2018 and she is also one of our guest bloggers if you're looking for something amazing to read every Sunday. We not only wanted to share this amazing new book by … Continue reading New Book Release|REINVENT YOURSELF – ​NEW YEAR, NEW JOURNEY


Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

Naa Harper is a Christian speaker, author, and writing coach. She is the author of three books: After, Living Your Dreams: A Woman’s Guide to Fulfilling Destiny and How to Self-Publish Your Book on A Shoestring Budget. Being a wife and mother are her first loves, but her other love is helping mothers discover, embrace … Continue reading Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

Business Feature| Bethcessories Designs

Hello, my name is Bethany! Bethany Boggs is a 30 something married mother of two girls, an angel, and a cat. She is an aspiring fantasy author and has a few projects published on Lulu. She studies dreams and dream interpretation, tarot and astrology work as a writer and has had work published on sites … Continue reading Business Feature| Bethcessories Designs

Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

A Letter To My Younger Self Dear Darling Girl, Very early in life things were very difficult and I should not have had to deal with any of it.  These events led to a loss of innocence and being deprived of a normal life. There is so much I could say but the most important … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

Wednesday’s Woman| Huda Seleh

Huda Saleh of Blushes and Butterflies Today we select Huda Saleh to be our Wednesday Woman to be an inspiration to other women based on a piece that she wrote on our website called, Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 11} The journey of finding myself will never be over, but I … Continue reading Wednesday’s Woman| Huda Seleh

{Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Laura Mariani

Recently, we had the opportunity to recently we had the ability to complete a LIVE interview Laura Marianj the author of stop it its all in your head. Below are some of the questions we asked. Please take moment and watch the live interview NOW Tell us more about who you are?   Hello, I … Continue reading {Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Laura Mariani

Guest Post| 6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Heart Health Today

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Heart Health Today Tomorrow, Monday, April 1st will be the 4-year anniversary of the first day of the rest of my life. Yes, on April Fool’s Day, at the young age of 49 I had a heart attack. Heart health doesn’t happen by itself and it usually doesn’t happen … Continue reading Guest Post| 6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Heart Health Today

Blog Feature|Are You There Blog

At my core, I am a writer and find the written word to be key for the honest expression of myself -- fully and clearly. I am a Catholic, a wife of over 20+ years, a mother of 3, a loyal friend, an anxious mess, and passionate about expressing the thoughts and emotions that (I … Continue reading Blog Feature|Are You There Blog

{Video}| Live Interview w/ Shalee Alcendor

Recently we had the opportunity to interview millennial Shalee who shared some of her deepest and darkest life experiences via our latest LIVE episode about her seeking validation, depression and also drug and alcohol abuse. Click WATCH NOW!! To see our recent live interview.  Here's  a tad bit about Shalee: I came into ministry to help set people free … Continue reading {Video}| Live Interview w/ Shalee Alcendor

Featured Blog| Simply Katricia

Simply Katricia Bio When simply katricia was born, it was a result of a divorce from a shared blog. A rebirth of space for me to identify and share my likes and dislikes in the areas of interest. Allowing me to freely enjoy my natural highlights of life without resentment, ridicule, or judgment of why. … Continue reading Featured Blog| Simply Katricia

Business Feature| OBIKA Textiles

Hello my name is Pamela Obika and I'm a British designer and graduate of Architecture from The University of Manchester where I specialized in sustainable African design. My roots are imbedded in my country of origin, Nigeria. I am the third generation of skilled women, dressmakers, seamstresses and designers who have worked with Ankara fabrics. … Continue reading Business Feature| OBIKA Textiles

Business Feature| Hackytips

I'm Sanjota Purohit, Native Indian currently staying in the United States. I wrote my novel “Sanjeevini” in Kannada language (One of the Indian Language) in 2018. It is a romantic love story where a Boy and Girl love deeply without seeing is each other, Sanjeevini is special to me because it is my own story! … Continue reading Business Feature| Hackytips