Inspiration|Dirty Little Secrets

Some may call them dirty little secrets,some may call them white lies and some may tell you that your secrets are skeletons in the closet or skeletons coming out of the closet. Either way no matter how you try to spice it up they are still SECRETS.

Secrets sometimes remain dirty little secrets because once people hear the word secret our mind mentally freezes and we quickly remember that we have to take our secret or secrets to our graves. This tends to be the way we shield OUR secrets. For example, when someone says, “this is personal or this is a secret” our mind hears free or freedom. So oftentimes we tend to share others’ secrets without given it a second thought.

Let’s think about that for a moment….Shouldn’t our train of thought be different when it comes to secrets? Shouldn’t we hold on to our friends or families’ secrets for dear life and leave the door wide open for our secrets to catch some fresh air?

When we think of secrets we tend to think of something dirty which makes it seem more taboo. Instead we should think of our secrets as MISTAKES. Calling secrets what they are gives you the ability to accept your MISTAKES and move forward instead of holding on to guilt and shame. The worst thing about mistakes or “secrets” are we tend to hide important things from others and hide the truth from ourselves.

Some secrets will wash away and some secrets are in permanent ink.-LK


Inspiration|Finish Line

Why is it so hard to finish what we’ve started. When I say we I actually mean us as WOMEN. Just in case you haven’t realized it yet the majority of the things on our website is geared towards WOMEN. Only because we hope our audience can relate. {Men are welcome too but only if they see things from a female’s perspective-LOL}

So going back to the question why is it so hard to finish what we start? How many of you reading this post right now started going to college but dropped out due to new relationships, didn’t fit with family schedules or etc. Believe it or not most of us stop our dream jobs or things we are passionate about to appease or accommodate others.

When will we start to put ourselves first?

Remember that it’s not too late to start what you’ve always dreamed of starting. Whether it’s a family, a business, going back to college or just creating a better you,take a little time and DO IT. One thing to remember when you’re running in this race called life, don’t focus on the people in the race with you. The only person that you’re competing against is you. Go back and finish what you’ve started! You got this-LK

Guest Post|National Make a Difference Day

The other day I found myself at a loss of what to write about in the upcoming week. I was tired from working my day job, came home to a house that definitely could use a little sprucing up, but knew I had personal commitments to my blog. I turned to the internet for a little inspiration: googled keywords I might normally use, topics I might normally discuss, etc… I googled the term “weird national holidays” and got the best list of odd holidays. I typically write about inspiring others to challenge themselves, and was immediately drawn to October 27th. Saturday, October 27th is National Make A Difference Day. This day is an annual community service event that is held on the fourth Saturday every October. 

What I have found thru reading about this event is that millions of people have united in the common mission to improve the lives of others. It is actually an unofficial holiday or observance that highlights community service and volunteering. Why am I just hearing about this?? This is completely what I live to write about and be inspired myself by. 

National Make A Difference Day was originally created in 1992 by USA Weekend when the paper suggested to its readers that since 1992 was a leap year people should take the extra day and use it to do something good for their communities or for those in need. The idea caught on like wildfire and has been celebrated ever since. Make a Difference Day has seen a great deal of support from various organizations throughout the years, and most recently has been transferred over to USA Today as its primarily sponsor and organizer. USA Today provides a central location for people to gather their information and report what they’re doing locally to Make a Difference. 


How you choose to celebrate Make a Difference Day are only limited by you. If you find that you are willing to contribute to the celebration, you can start the ball rolling by alerting people on social media, by using #MakeADifferenceDay when you post to the upcoming opportunity to make a difference. 

There are so many ways to celebrate and contribute to make a difference. It does not have to be grand in nature. Any gesture made is a grand gesture. Here are 5 ways you can help the celebration: 

 Help to organize a food drive for your local Food Banks to help the hungry and the needy. Grab some of your neighbors, friends, family and talk to your local grocery stores. Maybe your children in school can collect canned or pantry goods. 
 You can volunteer with your local blood bank or at a free clinic to help sign people in. 
 Habitat for Humanity is always a good place to turn to for volunteers, especially for DIYers. It’s an opportunity to give back and also pick up some additional skills. Affordable housing is a need that never goes away but Habitat for Humanity ( helps fill the need for families. 
 Stock Up and Distribute Smoke Detectors: A group in California will distribute smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to low-income families, seniors and disabled residents. Many people die every year just because they don’t have these devices or they don’t function properly. Find out how to make sure your smoke detector works and don’t forget to check your carbon monoxide detector, too. 
 Plan a Tree Planting Party: A group in Houston plans to plant more than 100 trees on Make A Difference Day. It’s a way to have a lasting impact on the community and give younger people something to remember later in life. 

There are hundreds of ways for you to change the world, or at least your corner of it. There are also dozens of organizations to contact who can help you get involved. Remember, your gesture doesn’t need to be grand to make a difference. The smallest of gestures are priceless to the person whose lives you have touched. Remember, It All Starts with You.

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Nancy Mulligan

Inspiration|Facing Fear

As women, if most of us are honest with ourselves we can admit that we are simply AFRAID when it comes to starting over. Why is it so hard for us to push the reset or redo button and just startover? When it comes to starting a new life,moving to a new location, breaking off the old relationship,starting a new relationship,or starting a new job,most women are afraid. Petrified probably better describes it. These are simple examples of what makes most of us afraid but truth is when something makes us step out on faith or stretches us to our limit that’s we need to tap into moving to the next level and not let fear consume our abilities to be successful.

I remember one time God gave me the vision of hosting an event for sexual abuse, domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. I later called this event I Survived! but it was so many things that went into this event that I wasn’t comfortable with like sharing the secret of being abused in my first marriage and being a victim of molestation at age 11 by a family member. Although I was a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse but I wasn’t quite ready to share that on a platform yet. This is one moment when I knew I needed to face my fear. One thing that I’ve started to ask myself when I have my fearful moments is what’s the worst that can happen? When you answer those questions then allow yourself to move forward without fear.

This is somewhat an old saying about fear but it really holds true: Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Never allow fear to rob you of being the better person that you are or can be.

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Inspiration|Hello My Name Is….

Take time to meet and greet people for yourself. It’s simple take time to say: Hello my name is…. If someone tells you something bad about a person remember that was their experience with that person and it doesn’t have to be your experience with that same individual. Get to know people for yourself.

Remember that people tend to lie on people that they don’t know the truth about.. Hence the existence of tabloids..

The more you know the more you grow! –LK

Please Tricks to Talk With Strangers here


Empowering young women: giving them the voice in society to help them achieve to their fullest potential. One doesn’t need to set out on a mission to change the worlds or even a singular person’s view on this subject. The person’s view we need to develop is that of younger woman in our society to stop thinking they can’t do it, and giving them the knowledge, encouragement and education to know they can achieve it.

There are activities that can develop a young woman’s self-esteem in platforms such as political, economic, and cultural: Let’s look at some activities.

Decision Making Skills: 

Whether the role is social, as an employee, in a marriage, or at home, a woman should always be a participant in any decision-making process.

Communication Skills:

Young women need to develop a strong communication skill to make sure they are being heard. They must learn to speak clearly, articulately and with solid conviction to build their character, so they can be clearly understood and have a more active role in social and other situations in society.

Leadership Skills:

I believe that of the skills listed; young women must be shown a path to leadership roles. Leadership roles play a key factor in a young woman’s confidence. It enables her to take affirmative action when needed to maintain her position.

Unfortunately, empowering young women in today’s society is no longer a choice. To achieve the strengths that were listed above there are several things that we and society can do to make sure they have those skills:

1. Provide the proper education

When you educate a young woman, she will be able to take care of herself without having to rely on anyone else’s opinion or pressure. She will know her rights, be able to perform at a job thru skills she has received with her education. It will start her foundation to a more secure future where her options aren’t limited.

2. Teach them appreciation for those that surround her

When a young woman starts gaining empowerment she should first acquire this within the family unit. As a parent, make sure that they always feel valued and equal to everyone else. It’s sometimes hard to believe that within today’s society young woman at home are still taking a backseat to the male presence. 

4. Be a mentor 

In today’s environment young women are living surrounded by and affected by violence, drugs, bad influences, drinking, and a lack of structure. Reach out to them. Mentor them. Share your blessings and be the structure and encouragement she may need in her life.

5. Help young woman find a youth program

When provided with the proper skills, you are helping create an independent and strong young woman. There are many programs that offer engagement, mentoring, job skills, and job placement. If there isn’t one in your area, take the initiative with a local school or YMCA and see if they can develop or bring an already developed program to their schedule. Many of these programs help young woman overcome life’s challenges. 

When you give a young woman the right values, the proper education and skills in leadership and decision-making, she will develop into a strong woman. This doesn’t just happen, it’s developed. Young woman need a support system and proper examples.  It all starts with you.


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Nancy Mulligan


Guest Blog|Self Care


We all follow self-care habits in regard to showering, sleeping, eating, brushing our teeth, maybe you exercise: but we all need to find ways to extend that to truly practicing the art of self-care. Practicing self-care on a broader spectrum will help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress and create a more overall feeling of good health. As we near 2019, it’s time to make your well-being a priority and set ourselves up for a fantastic year ahead.

Let’s start with simple ways to practice self-care at home without breaking our bank.

1. DIY your own shower/bath bomb. Ingredients you would need:

• 4oz. Baking Soda

• 2oz. Citric Acid

• 2tbsp water

• 30 drops aromatic essential oils.

• Mix and pack into balls. ENJOY!

2. Create a Playlist of your favorite songs. Research by MIND states the amount of dopamine released is 9% higher when listening to music you enjoy.

3. An apple a day is not a myth. Apples increase your overall health in these areas:

• Protects your heart

• Boosts Brain Health

• Helps you lose weight

• Lowers your risk for Type 2 Diabetes

• Helps fight cancer

4. Keep hydrated – Drinking water boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins and relieves fatigue.

5. Take a nap

Medically Speaking:

1. Blood Pressure Screening

The American Heart Association says that your blood pressure is the ideal reading at 120/80. Starting in your twenties it is recommended to have it checked at least every 2 years. Those over 40or with health conditions it is recommended annually.

2. Cholesterol Check

If your age is 20 or older it is recommended at least every 5 years.

                  Total cholesterol      HDL cholesterol       LDL cholesterol       Triglycerides

Good           Less than 200      40 or higher              Less than 100         Less than 149

Borderline   200–239                 N/A                          130–159                 150–199

High               240 or higher          N/A                          160 or higher           200 or higher

3. Pap Smears

Beginning at age 21 and until age 65, you should have a Pap smear every three years.

4. Mammograms

The most recent guidelines by The American Cancer Society suggest that starting at age 45, women should have annual mammograms. If you have a family history of the disease, or other health concerns, talk to your doctor.

5. Bone Density Screening

Starting at age 65 women should start screening for osteoporosis. Women who show signs of risk factors such as low body weight and fractures should be screened earlier.

6. Blood Glucose Tests

Unless there is a family history, signs of obesity, or are of a race or ethnicity that is a risk, starting around age 45 women should check every 2-3 years.

7. Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer screening, which can be done at a doctor’s office or hospital, should start at age 50, according to the USPSTF. Unless a problem is found or you have a greater risk of colon cancer, a sigmoidoscopy is repeated every 5 years, and a colonoscopy every 10 years.

8. Dental Checkup

Dental health is important from the very first tooth as an infant. As an adult woman, it is recommended you receive 2 annual dental checkups.

9. Optometrist:

Adult Women between the ages of 20-40, especially if they wear glasses or contacts, should see an optometrist annually or at least every 2 years to make sure their prescriptions are updated.

“Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list. “~Michelle Obama

It all starts with you…..

Please take a moment to meet our guest blogger:

Nancy Mulligan