2019 Women Are Roses Recipient| Priyanka Nair

Recently we had the honor of presenting the 2019 Women Are Roses Award to Priyanka Nair. Priyanka received this award because of her recent writing in the book, Women Are Roses. In addition, Priyanka had been featured on our website on December 29, 2019 based on the writings she had completed with her own blog called … Continue reading 2019 Women Are Roses Recipient| Priyanka Nair


Today we wanted to share the latest book of author Nancy Mulligan. We featured Nancy's blog, My Everyday Challenge on our website on November 22,2018 and she is also one of our guest bloggers if you're looking for something amazing to read every Sunday. We not only wanted to share this amazing new book by … Continue reading New Book Release|REINVENT YOURSELF – ​NEW YEAR, NEW JOURNEY

Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

My name is Anika De Freitas and I am from Trinidad who is a blogger and new writer who wants to touch many hearts with my words. Writing became a part of me many years ago. It is one of the many surprises I have and want to share my passion for writing to each … Continue reading Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

Blog Feature| High Vibe Five

Good Day! My name is Michelle Besay, and I am a writer. Let me start by saying I was a bit nervous about writing this introduction. I mean, what do you say when you write about yourself? How much information do you give? Is there a right or wrong way to do this? Maybe I … Continue reading Blog Feature| High Vibe Five

Business Feature|Book Therapy

Bijal Shah is a book therapist. She creates personalized reading lists for people based on their needs, interests and reading habits. In a world where a new book is published every minute, how do we filter what’s worth reading versus what should be shelved? Do we need someone who can curate reading lists for us based on our individual preferences, … Continue reading Business Feature|Book Therapy

Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Kat Pillar is a stay-at-home wife, artist, and former mixologist.  Married to her best friend, currently they reside in Kansas City, MO where she navigates life, one cocktail at a time. My blog is still in it's infancy, however, in it so far, I have covered, marriage hacks, what it means to be a modern … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Blog Spotlight|Kim on Skin

How escaping my comfort zone helped my relationship with dermatillomania So I’m 26 now. A young woman in her apparent ’prime time’, I’ve seen and done a lot when looking back on recent years. I think about the friends I’ve made; the loves I’ve had andnaturally lost and the places I’ve lived. My name is … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Kim on Skin

Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies! Did you know that this blog/website was created just for you? Yes you? We realize that you have options when it comes to being loyal to a blog but because this website was created with you in mind we're asking you to subscribe to our blog now so you don't miss out on … Continue reading Hello Ladies!

Blog Stats|2015

Hello Friends! We first wanted to thank you all for supporting Women With Gifts and our website in 2015. Its because of all of you that we've hit some pretty great milestones in 2015 and we wanted to share those moments with you. Because you stopped by or shared our blogs with your friends, WordPress … Continue reading Blog Stats|2015