Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

My name is Anika De Freitas and I am from Trinidad who is a blogger and new writer who wants to touch many hearts with my words. Writing became a part of me many years ago. It is one of the many surprises I have and want to share my passion for writing to each … Continue reading Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Kat Pillar is a stay-at-home wife, artist, and former mixologist.  Married to her best friend, currently they reside in Kansas City, MO where she navigates life, one cocktail at a time. My blog is still in it's infancy, however, in it so far, I have covered, marriage hacks, what it means to be a modern … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies! Did you know that this blog/website was created just for you? Yes you? We realize that you have options when it comes to being loyal to a blog but because this website was created with you in mind we're asking you to subscribe to our blog now so you don't miss out on … Continue reading Hello Ladies!