Business Spotlight|Smoothie PR

Charlotte Moore is founder of The Smoothie Bar – a monthly membership club that teaches fab foodie start-ups how to do their own responsive PR in 10 mins a day for only £59pm. You are also able to join the 10-day free trial to learn how to get PR without paying crazy agency fees, cold … Continue reading Business Spotlight|Smoothie PR

Blog Feature|Virtual Siyahi

Hello, I am Priyanka Nair from Mumbai, India. 32 years old. Born and bought in a Nuclear family. I am a postgraduate in Business Administration. Computer Geek and Internet savvy, still learning new skills to upgrade my self. I have worked in industries for six years and it was in 2016 when I was diagnosed … Continue reading Blog Feature|Virtual Siyahi

Blog Spotlight| My Lifelines

MyLifelines is a lifestyle blog run by three millennial women: Abby, Lauren & Jordan, i.e., ALJ. They created this blog to share what they’ve learned through many years of friendship, to shine a light on influential and powerful women, and to give advice or a listening ear to anyone in need. They write about things … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| My Lifelines

Guest Post|Tips for Female Business Owners to Grow Their Business

Tips for Female Business Owners to Grow Their Business Sometimes we make business far harder than it is. We over-think our strategy, complicate our product line, worry too much about our staff. All of these are important issues to be sure, but they pale into insignificance compared to the one area of business that contributes … Continue reading Guest Post|Tips for Female Business Owners to Grow Their Business