Book Feature| Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Author Sarah Tyler about her recent book, Spaghetti Head which is available both on her website and on Amazon. Please take a moment to read our recent interview with Sarah as well as her bio below: Sarah Tyley is a Self-Published Author, who, when not gardening for a … Continue reading Book Feature| Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Business Feature| Spaghetti Head

Hello, My name is Sarah Tyley and I grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset and had the most fantastic childhood, during which I developed an unwavering love for cows.  I would have to be biased towards Friesians, but really, any cow will do.  And the funny things is, that in my adult years, I … Continue reading Business Feature| Spaghetti Head