Recipe| Broccoli Cheese Soup

Some of us have made something similar to  broccoli cheese soup by accident by over cooking the broccoli and it turns into mush. For those of you who haven't had mushy overcooked broccoli, there's actually a such thing as broccoli soup. This recipe is easy to make and if you want to be really fancy … Continue reading Recipe| Broccoli Cheese Soup

Recipe| Mexican Potato Soup

Don't let the title of this recipe scare you  because this is a very simple recipe to make. Most of the time spent on cooking this soup will be on the preparation process. If you're ever looking for a recipe to WOW your family and friends this is the way to do it.Enjoy!   Mexican … Continue reading Recipe| Mexican Potato Soup

Recipe|5 great soups for your next GRILLED CHEESE sandwich

Have you ever ate an amazing grilled cheese sandwich and realized that something was missing? How can we possibly make a complete meal with a grill cheese sandwich? Soup..soup..soup! What soups taste amazing with just a basic grill cheese sandwiches? Here's 5 great soups to pair with your next grilled sandwich: 1. Loaded Potatoe Soup … Continue reading Recipe|5 great soups for your next GRILLED CHEESE sandwich

Recipe|Pumpkin Stew

If you're ever wanting to try contrasting flavors then pumpkin stew is the way to go. For some reason when the season gets a little freezing cold nothing soothes our body and soul like the smell and taste of pumpkin. If you are using this recipe to be somewhat of a show off for family and friends be sure … Continue reading Recipe|Pumpkin Stew