A Day in History|Aaliyah

From an early age, Aaliyah found satisfaction in her music. When she didn't win the youth vocal competition on "Star Search" as a preteen, she didn't let it deter her from continuing to sing. In fact, at age 11, she landed a five-night stint performing with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas. Born in Brooklyn, New … Continue reading A Day in History|Aaliyah

New Music| Make Me Like You [Lyrics]

Have you ever wondered what lyrics mean when they ring over and over again in our brain? With Gwen Stefani 's latest song Make Me Like You you don't have to know what the lyrics mean just know WHO the lyrics are for. During an recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Stefani confirmed song was about … Continue reading New Music| Make Me Like You [Lyrics]

[VIDEO]Women Who Inspire Us|Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross

As girls most of us dreamed of being one of the Supremes with Diana Ross. It was just a natural fit for all of us right? Okay some of us. This week we're inspired the Queen herself Miss Diana Ross.. Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944, in Detroit, Michigan. She began singing with friends as … Continue reading [VIDEO]Women Who Inspire Us|Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross

Trending News|Gwen Stefani

Seems like it was just yesterday that we gave you an update about Gwen Stefani's new song, Used to Love You which media deems the song as being her new divorce song. Now it's rumored that Gwen Stefani is breaking her silence about her relationship with Blake Shelton, less than 2 days after their first picture as … Continue reading Trending News|Gwen Stefani