Business Feature| Green Tutors

My name is Georgina, and I run Green Tutors.  I studied a BSc in Forensic Science at UWE, before starting work in GSKs research labs. However, after buying my house eight years ago I needed to supplement my income in order to finance the required renovation. I started personal tuition in maths and science.  In … Continue reading Business Feature| Green Tutors

Announcements|Now Taking New Submissions

Hello Roses, Our website is taking new stories from you in order to inspire other women. If you are a domestic violence, sexual abuse or breast cancer survivor our website is looking for you. Tell your story today!! Think of how your survivorship story will help someone else.. To submit your story submit the form … Continue reading Announcements|Now Taking New Submissions

Announcement| Featured on Skincare Talk Radio

Recently, we had the opportunity to be on the platform of Skincare Talk Radio with host The Green Beauty Educator, Cieloscent.  Skincare Talk Radio Show is a Holistic Skincare that normally features Healthy Habits For Healthy Aging Conversations. Cieloscent is  an esthetician and educator who has discovered the power that conscious and constant habits have on … Continue reading Announcement| Featured on Skincare Talk Radio

Announcement| Women Are Roses Ceremony

We are super excited about this year's, Women Are Roses Ceremony. Our Women Are Roses Ceremony is a gala to award ladies of all walks of life that have used 2018 to inspire others.  Women With Gifts has a goal of helping women in need and shining a spotlight on women who are doing amazing … Continue reading Announcement| Women Are Roses Ceremony

Happy International Women’s Day| Women Who Inspires US

How ironic that this blog about what female inspires us would be shared on International Women's Day. In sharing this blog would like to personally thank Gratisoul for allowing us the opportunity to share our feelings in their recent blog series. Here's the question that we were asked during the blog series: What FEMALE inspires … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day| Women Who Inspires US


What Are You Thankful For?Today is the day that most of us will gather around the table, carving out the biggest turkey,digging into amazing dressing or stuffing while passing sweet potatoes around the table. Some of us will make the greatest memories today by hanging around family and friends while playing games,watching their favorite sports … Continue reading Inspiration|Thankful

Inspiration|If at First You Don’t Succeed

If at First You Don’t Succeed When at first you don't succeed do you really try... try again? Like who even created that motto? What does it really mean to TRY when you've become accustomed to failing? When you try do you attempt something new or something old? People say "it's" like riding a bike … Continue reading Inspiration|If at First You Don’t Succeed

Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Why must I pretend to be so strong? Why do I act as if the friends I lost never existed? To keep from crying I pretend that them and I or I and them never met. If I cry that finalizes that they're really gone. Is it okay to cry when the relationship is over? … Continue reading Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Inspiration| What Happens When I Fall?

What Happens When I Fall What happens when I fall? Imagine that for a moment. Better yet think about a time you stumbled but you actually didn't fall. Now think about the time that you fell in a public place. Most of us when we are about to fall or the fall actually happens we … Continue reading Inspiration| What Happens When I Fall?