Inspiration|My Prayer Box

About 6 or more months ago, I went inside this boutique and I really wasn't looking for anything fancy, just wanted to look around. As I turned to one of their miscellaneous racks, I spotted this box that read, "Prayer Box". I picked it up not because it read prayer box but because it was … Continue reading Inspiration|My Prayer Box

Blog Spotlight|Prayer & Passports

The face behind the words - Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Grace-Valerie; but, you can call me Grace. If you stop by the "about me" portion of my blog, "Prayer & Passports" you will definitely get a perfect idea of who I am. In a nutshell, I’m an opinionated, age agnostic, cradle Catholic rebel … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Prayer & Passports

Blog Spotlight| Restored Ministries

Michelle Bollom is a natural encourager and story teller. She is a Speaker, Author, and Ordained Minister that loves to share with people the powerful promises in God's Word. Michelle's down to earth and positive, not preachy, approach has allowed her to share daily encouragement and inspiration with people from all over the world and … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| Restored Ministries

Inspiration|Dirty Little Secrets

Some may call them dirty little secrets,some may call them white lies and some may tell you that your secrets are skeletons in the closet or skeletons coming out of the closet. Either way no matter how you try to spice it up they are still SECRETS. Secrets sometimes remain dirty little secrets because once … Continue reading Inspiration|Dirty Little Secrets

Guest Blog| All about Love

I don't see myself as a love guru most of the time but being in a relationship for two years has taught me a lot of things about myself,how I interact with other people or just being in a relationship in general. In a relationship you will be faced with different situations and stages in … Continue reading Guest Blog| All about Love

Guest Blog| Holy Hustle

Keep Your Hustle Holy Have you ever heard the saying “Dreams Demand Hustle”? Many times, we think of Hustle in a negative context. It can mean to swindle or force or even be associated with fraud, but Hustle by simple definition is really just movement, activity or action. We all have dreams - so we … Continue reading Guest Blog| Holy Hustle

Daily inspiration for women|Changing a dead end to a crossroad

How to turn a dead end into a crossroad. Have you ever been at a dead end? Did it end up being a dead end for real? Or, like me, were you just so stuck you had no idea how to move forward? I believe that most of what we call a dead end in … Continue reading Daily inspiration for women|Changing a dead end to a crossroad

Prayer| For drug addicts

Father God we're coming to you on behalf of the person that has a drug addiction. They tried everything they could to stop doing drugs but that habit will not allow them to quit. Their family and friends has given up on them. They have gone to rehab centers and other drug prevention programs, but … Continue reading Prayer| For drug addicts

Poem written by a homeless guy

"All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." The Agony and the Pain were once there. I could hardly make it through the day. Sleepless nights, worry, fear, and anxiety. Pure misery. But I saw the Light. God and Jesus set me free. I … Continue reading Poem written by a homeless guy

Ways to know that depression is all your mind

I read an article over the weekend about another celebrity who committed suicide and she was only 25. So today I would like to encourage those people who are struggling with this spirit called DEPRESSION. Life's most challenging situations will sometimes have you feeling "shell shock". The term “shell shock” was coined by military soldiers … Continue reading Ways to know that depression is all your mind