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EVERY experience in your life will either build you or break you! Never give up!


Updates| Do us a FAVOR

Hello, We wanted to take a moment and thank you for your continued support. We couldn't do what we do in our community if it wasn't for you, your inspirational support and your donations. In saying that, please don't stop giving and donating to our organization. We are a small organization but our mission is … Continue reading Updates| Do us a FAVOR

Recipe|Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

By now we pray you've had the opportunity to get your first piece of Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake in your system so you will understand how important this recipe is! This cake is so different from any chocolate cake you've ever tasted because each bite of this cake taste like pure chocolate! ~Enjoy Ingredients1 cup butter … Continue reading Recipe|Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

Recipe| Easy to Make Crepes

Ever wonder why or how we became so fascinated by crepes? According to Monique's Crepes, The word crêpe is French for pancake and is derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled”. Crêpes originated inBrittany (fr. Breton), in the northwest region of France, which lies between the English Channel to the north and the Bay of Biscay … Continue reading Recipe| Easy to Make Crepes

Recipe| Oreo Cookie Crumble Pie

If you're a Oreo cookie fan this recipe might be a little hard for you to make because you may tend to eat half of the cookies before you complete the recipe. This recipe isn't really any different than the Lemon Meringue Pie and requires the same time and effort. ~Enjoy! Ingredients 1 (14-1/2-ounce) bag … Continue reading Recipe| Oreo Cookie Crumble Pie