{Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Laura Mariani

Recently, we had the opportunity to recently we had the ability to complete a LIVE interview Laura Marianj the author of stop it its all in your head. Below are some of the questions we asked. Please take moment and watch the live interview NOW Tell us more about who you are?   Hello, I … Continue reading {Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Laura Mariani

Announcement| We Were Featured via Failure To Thrive No More

Hello Beautiful People, just wanted to let you know we were featured on Failure To Thrive No More which is a website created by a thirty-sometime Marine Wife, who advocates for her youngest son Jaxson was diagnosed with a Rare Genetic Disorder called Dyrk1a Syndrome. On her blog, she shares stories about the military spouse life, special … Continue reading Announcement| We Were Featured via Failure To Thrive No More


SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS From my experience so far, I think that the concept of self-love is one that cannot be mastered overnight, it's a gradual process. A process of resenting parts of yourself, then coming to terms with them and falling in love with them. Albeit, there are parts of yourself that you just … Continue reading Guest Post|SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS

Guest Blog |6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself 

6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself  There are days I wake up and think to myself: is this it? This face of mine, this bundle of good and bad traits, this human with all it’s flaws and good intentions is me and I have to live with myself forever. I am 53 years old, … Continue reading Guest Blog |6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself 

{Episode 7 Recap}

This past Thursday, we finished episode 7 and we even shared a few tears in the process. Either way we wanted to keep you informed with the progress of our newly created Periscope TV vlogs.  For those of you that are not familar with Periscope don't worry.. We will help you through it. You just … Continue reading {Episode 7 Recap}

Announcement| We Received “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Hello! Women With Gifts Intl. recently received the Sunshine Blogger Award! Funny thing is we may have been nominated for these type of awards in the past but didn't know what they meant. Today, however we wanted to take a moment and let it soak in that our friends at NChanting Whispers nominated us for such … Continue reading Announcement| We Received “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Announcements|Join us TONIGHT

Hello, Hopefully, by now most of you have heard the news that Women With Gifts started a new Periscope Channel and will be on air every Thursday at 5 pm {MST}. We hope that each of you can join us. In order to join you must download the Periscope app on our wireless device and … Continue reading Announcements|Join us TONIGHT

Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Hello, My name is Rachel and I'm a new parenting and lifestyle blogger. My blog focuses on the rollercoaster of parenting. I try to cover all topics-it's easy to  it's easy to focus on all the wonderful things that happen when you become a parent. I aim to cover everything, no topic off-limits, hopefully with an … Continue reading Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Inspiration| Being Beautiful

Being Beautiful As women, there so many things that we can not do effectively. Even after many attempts and a lot of practice there are still certain things we can not do. Most of the things that we are not familiar with we tend to learn from others.Sometimes we learn the things we know from … Continue reading Inspiration| Being Beautiful

Guest Blog|Self Care

A ROADMAP TO SELF CARE FOR WOMEN We all follow self-care habits in regard to showering, sleeping, eating, brushing our teeth, maybe you exercise: but we all need to find ways to extend that to truly practicing the art of self-care. Practicing self-care on a broader spectrum will help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and … Continue reading Guest Blog|Self Care


What does it take to remove that bubble in your stomach when you meet new people?? Or maybe when you're dating someone or starting a new job? Being fearless is saying NO to fear. Saying no to self-doubt or just saying no to defeat. Remember you are a winner. Forget about the things you failed … Continue reading Inspiration|FEARLESS

Inspiration|Hello August

Every new month is a new beginning. Beginning to build connections...new friendships. Water existing plants 🌺. Plant new flowers. Clean out your closets. Donate unused clothes. Love unconditionally throughout the month. Take time to learn. Read a book. Watch positive tv shows. Speak positive of others. Dress in bright colors. Take vacations and drink lots … Continue reading Inspiration|Hello August