What’s New| Bobbi Brown Brow Gel

Hey Beauties.... Rise and shine! Yes beauties its time to wake up to makeup because there's new makeup in. Bobbi Brown has put out some new must haves... 24 HOUR BROWS.. Oops we meant long lasting brow gel. Either way, whether it's 24 hour or long lasting we GOT to have it! Okay so let … Continue reading What’s New| Bobbi Brown Brow Gel

What’s New| Milani Makeup Brushes

Hey Beauties, If you're a fan of Milani makeup or just MAKEUP in general,you will definitely love their new brushes. The price of their new brushes range from $8-16 per brush OR you can buy the Essential Brush Set for only $60. Brushes currently available Foundation Brush Blush Brush Powder/Bronzer Brush Blush Brush Blending Brush … Continue reading What’s New| Milani Makeup Brushes

What’s New| MORE Gwen Stefani Urban Decay makeup

BEAUTIES seems like we just snoozed off to sleep and BOOM more Urban Decay Gwen Stefani make up. Since the start of the new year Urban Decay /Gwen collection now has eyeshadow, lipsticks and liners and NOW blushes  ~~~> AND browkits! The cases alone have us star struck...😍😍😍

What’s New| Smashbox 25 Year Lip Palette

Hello Beauties, We've seen a lot of lipsticks this year, but we have to admit nothing beats seeing a lot of great lips colors all at once. Twenty-five great colors to be exact.Looks like Smashbox has given us a slice of heaven right in a lip palette. To celebrate 25 years of existence Smashbox has … Continue reading What’s New| Smashbox 25 Year Lip Palette