A Day in History|Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith was born Margaret Alexis Fitzsimmons Smith on June 8, 1921 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, to to Gladys Mabel Fitz-Simmons and Alexander Smith. Alexis Smith was a Canadian actress known for her marvelous performances in films and on stage. Most of the actresses of that time were popular because of their physical attractiveness … Continue reading A Day in History|Alexis Smith

Movie Review|Unforgettable

Many of us were sold on the movie Unforgettable just by seeing the previews RIGHT? Right! Okay so let's get down to the nitty gritty for our movie review. The movie starts out with Rosario Dawson who plays Julia Banks in this movie, is a successful writer who moves from her current state to California to … Continue reading Movie Review|Unforgettable

Movie Review |The Perfect Guy

As women, we only want simple things in life and nothing major. We dream of having that one guy we can take home to our parents or just someone cute with common sense that we can gloat about while we float through our day. Most women dream of having the perfect guy to date or marry. … Continue reading Movie Review |The Perfect Guy