Blog Feature| Valerie Ascending

I'm a Lifestyle, Personal, and Motivational blogger. My intent is to spread awareness of Heart Failure, the band inspires women if all ages and walks of life. Hopefully, I can do so with sharing things of myself personally. I’m a forty-three-year-old Single Mother residing in Houston, Texas.  I’ve always had a love for reading, writing, and … Continue reading Blog Feature| Valerie Ascending

Business Feature|Samantha Gregory

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant, Samantha Gregory survived childhood bullying, single motherhood, domestic abuse and violence, homelessness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, and date rape.Now she thrives and motivates others to take a page from her life as inspiration and motivation. She went from WIC and chronic financial hardship making $6.25/hr to 6-figure success as … Continue reading Business Feature|Samantha Gregory

Business Feature|Life Like You Mean It!

My name is Lisa Cybaniak and I am a Motivational Speaker, Success Coach & Founder of Life, like you mean it! After surviving 10 years of physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of my now ex step-father, I continued the psychological abuse on myself. I had come to believe the daily words he … Continue reading Business Feature|Life Like You Mean It!

WWG Spotlights|Margo Valencia

Margo Valencia is a songwriter, motivational speaker, visionary and manager of her 12 year old son, national Gospel Recording Artist Jonathan Valencia. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida where she was born and raised. She obtained her associates degree from Florida State University and Bachelors from University of North Florida. She is a former teacher with … Continue reading WWG Spotlights|Margo Valencia

Please take a moment to meet our newest blogger Tracey Russell

Tracey Russell is a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Visionary who uses the pen name TraceyGirlz.  This pen name is meant to draw a correlation for her daughters, Dominique and Angel, but also for other women and girls who need the connectedness to forge forward despite your yesterday.  To be honest, her business works are for … Continue reading Please take a moment to meet our newest blogger Tracey Russell

Why everyone should have a mantra

Everyone should strongly consider having a mantra.  Why?  Because it represents you even when you are not in the room and it should leave others with an idea of your moral base.    One of the many definitions of a mantra is it is a repeated word or phrase.  However, as we all know, every … Continue reading Why everyone should have a mantra