Business Feature|MMM of Family Entertainment

Hello, my name is LaFrieda Smith and I am a mother of 3 teenagers,  41 years old,  who recently retired from retail after 25 years and I am from Lakeland, Florida. I am a blogger for my entertainment site called MMMoffamilyentertainment.  I write about music, movies, sports, inspirational stories and I also help business owners … Continue reading Business Feature|MMM of Family Entertainment


Inspiration|Stop Explaining

It's funny how the people that we explain ourselves to the most are the ones that are the least supportive of us. For some strange reason,most people, women especially, we tend to equate having to answer extensive questions for someone as their way of caring about or being concern about us. STOP! Stop! Stop! Stop … Continue reading Inspiration|Stop Explaining

Business Feature|Ingnite Your Creativity

Hi, I’m Jo and my candle making business was born on my kitchen table 7 years ago. Out of a desire to remain eco and sustainable I began filling empty candle jars. Soon friends and family asked how to make their own candles and so the beginners candle making workshop was created. A year later … Continue reading Business Feature|Ingnite Your Creativity

Business Feature| Spaghetti Head

Hello, My name is Sarah Tyley and I grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset and had the most fantastic childhood, during which I developed an unwavering love for cows.  I would have to be biased towards Friesians, but really, any cow will do.  And the funny things is, that in my adult years, I … Continue reading Business Feature| Spaghetti Head

Business Feature|Finding The Road Simple

I’m Beth and I’m a wife and mom to the most adorable little 1-year-old boy in all of Alabama.  I work full time outside our home so I’m always trying to find balance between work and family. To be clear, our “home” is now a fifth wheel camper! I’m obsessed with lifestyle blogs and vlogs. … Continue reading Business Feature|Finding The Road Simple

Guest Post| Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top 

5 Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top  While there are vast differences among those considered the most highly successful in each of their fields, there are at least five key characteristics that each and every one of them possesses and has in common.  These five characteristics contributed greatly to their achievement of … Continue reading Guest Post| Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top 

Inspiration| For the Love of Working

If I could be honest, my kids face never lit up by the jobs I've ever held and it sure as hell didn't get me invited to their glorified career days at their school. As with any other woman, or I guess I could say, like any other mom, I really didn't take my career serious … Continue reading Inspiration| For the Love of Working

Inspiration|Talk is Cheap

We’ve all heard the saying that talk is CHEAP right? Well when it comes to success, business or your ultimate goals, being a person of all talk without action is pointless. Sometimes we focus on the I'll show THEM state of mind and that sometimes tend to shape our mindset to talk about our goals … Continue reading Inspiration|Talk is Cheap

Inspiration| Small Accomplishments

Sometimes it's just the little things that get you motivated, but sadly most of us when we think of ourselves we tend to think of all of our flaws instead of our attributes.  If you took out a piece of paper to describe yourself you more than likely would think of all of your flaws … Continue reading Inspiration| Small Accomplishments

Featuring Moms|Georgina

Hi! My name is Georgina, I’m 17 and I live with undiagnosed chronic illnesses and social anxiety. I don’t have one specific moment to tell you about my mum, but there’s something she does for me that I’m forever grateful for. My mum is amazing at advocating for me when I’m physically, mentally or emotionally … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Georgina

Blog Feature|Alexa Ceza

Alexandra is from Toronto, ON. She grew up with a lot of challenges in her early life which she always turned into wisdom and believed in bettering herself and her life. Thankfully, she didn’t fall into victimhood since her mom was a shining light in her life and showed her how we have the strength … Continue reading Blog Feature|Alexa Ceza