We’ve all heard that SILENCE IS GOLDEN but we refuse to use this tactic when it comes to the people that lie on us, talk about us, and oh yea the ENEMIES. For most of us, we really don’t know why we would have enemies even. We just wake up and go by our day. … Continue reading Inspiration|Silence


Featuring Moms|Georgina

Hi! My name is Georgina, I’m 17 and I live with undiagnosed chronic illnesses and social anxiety. I don’t have one specific moment to tell you about my mum, but there’s something she does for me that I’m forever grateful for. My mum is amazing at advocating for me when I’m physically, mentally or emotionally … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Georgina

Blog Feature|Alexa Ceza

Alexandra is from Toronto, ON. She grew up with a lot of challenges in her early life which she always turned into wisdom and believed in bettering herself and her life. Thankfully, she didn’t fall into victimhood since her mom was a shining light in her life and showed her how we have the strength … Continue reading Blog Feature|Alexa Ceza


SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS From my experience so far, I think that the concept of self-love is one that cannot be mastered overnight, it's a gradual process. A process of resenting parts of yourself, then coming to terms with them and falling in love with them. Albeit, there are parts of yourself that you just … Continue reading Guest Post|SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS

Blog Feature| Lellalee

Lellalee was created for all my fellow mothers, wives, historians, writers, and explorers around the world. I’m Ashley, a 34-year-old mother and wife. I live in Manchester, UK. I began my adult life in 2001 at the age of 17, as a single teenage Mum. I decided to attend college and eventually went to University. … Continue reading Blog Feature| Lellalee

Guest Blog |6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself 

6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself  There are days I wake up and think to myself: is this it? This face of mine, this bundle of good and bad traits, this human with all it’s flaws and good intentions is me and I have to live with myself forever. I am 53 years old, … Continue reading Guest Blog |6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself 

Blog Feature|Resilience and Renew

Hello I'm Linda To let everyone know a little bit about myself and where I came from. I was born in 1963 and grew up in and around Glenn County. I am the youngest of 10 siblings, I have 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers I grew up with and 3 sisters and a … Continue reading Blog Feature|Resilience and Renew

Guest Post|4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination

4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination We’re all guilty of doing it, more often than we’d like to admit. Procrastination may not be just about turning in your school report/work project at the last minute. It may also be putting off important life decisions like whether or not you should ask your boss for that … Continue reading Guest Post|4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination

Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 16}

As a woman, if you could do anything to change the world what would it be? I love this question because one of my goals as a woman has always been to change the world, or at least my little part of it, for other women and girls like myself. Today this question was answered … Continue reading Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 16}

Guest Blog| Standing up for Women

We often talk about ways women are constantly making waves and innovating the world that is always finding ways to tear us down, however, we don’t talk about the changes we could make to benefit women. Today, we’re going to talk about just that! There are quite a few things that have hindered women through … Continue reading Guest Blog| Standing up for Women

Guest Blog| Female Unity

Female Unity – How It Can Be Fully Achieved In the world we live in today, women need to be each other’s biggest strengths, allies, and support system. We live in a world where men don’t have to do as much as we do before they are given better opportunities than we are. It can … Continue reading Guest Blog| Female Unity

Inspiration|My Prayer Box

About 6 or more months ago, I went inside this boutique and I really wasn't looking for anything fancy, just wanted to look around. As I turned to one of their miscellaneous racks, I spotted this box that read, "Prayer Box". I picked it up not because it read prayer box but because it was … Continue reading Inspiration|My Prayer Box