Guest Post| Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer

Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer Hacks to Keep Cool Beauty Products: Chilling some beauty products will cool you down when you apply them, and as a bonus, will extend the life of some especially in extremely hot or humid areas. I keep my lotions, face toners, aloe gels, moisturizers, and eye creams in the … Continue reading Guest Post| Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer

Guest Post| Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top 

5 Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top  While there are vast differences among those considered the most highly successful in each of their fields, there are at least five key characteristics that each and every one of them possesses and has in common.  These five characteristics contributed greatly to their achievement of … Continue reading Guest Post| Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top 

Announcement| Look Who’s Joining Us June 1,2019

We are excited to announce that Dr. Yana Johnson will be joining us for both our May 31,2019 Networking and Book Launch Event and our June 1,2019 Women Are Roses Aware Ceremony to give our honorees words of encouragement. In addition, since she is the author of As a Women Thinketh, she will have ONE … Continue reading Announcement| Look Who’s Joining Us June 1,2019

VIDEO| 5 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me

Most of us will always praise our moms for the things that they do for us or we will praise our moms for the things they have done for us in the past. We never probably ever realized it, but most of us have had moms who could make nothing into something. If we think long and … Continue reading VIDEO| 5 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me

Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

I am a registered nurse and one of my favorite jobs was doing bladder studies.  Yeah, I know "eewww!"  It was a messy job for sure but it came with great perks. I could either do local assignments or travel assignments.  I enjoyed the travel assignments because it was like going on a little vacation.  … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

Featuring Moms|Nicole Leslie

My Mothers Name is Linda, she passed away at the age of 55 of heart failure. She loved poetry and writing short stories. My mother, was not only a beautiful woman physically, she had the most beautiful soul. Everyone was drawn to her, at any public environment, people loved talking to her. My mother was … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Nicole Leslie

Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

'I was in my early teens when a group of girls from a neighbouring school started causing trouble at the school bus stop - trying to start fights with my friends and I. The rest of my friends decided it was time to move bus stops and avoid the commotion but at the time I … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

Featuring Moms|Ashley Mercedes

I am sharing a funnier memory of just how crazy my mom can be. My mom, Maria raised three kids on her own, I am the youngest at twenty-seven years of age. This happened when I was around eight or nine years old. My oldest brother liked to drop the F-bomb constantly, but at the … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Ashley Mercedes

Featuring Moms|Nancy Mulligan

Unconditional Love – The true meaning of Mother My mother was an amazing woman. What made her even more amazing to me was that I was adopted. I was chosen. I was adopted as a newborn, so the bond with her was natural.  In my teens when I announced to my mom that I wanted … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Nancy Mulligan

Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

My name is Anna Besperat and I love my mom. She's my hero! I was 13 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was told she would be lucky to live another 3 years. She's still here, 32 years later. After her diagnosis, my step-father took off, stating he'd married a woman and that … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

Business Feature|WUKU Period Pants

Firstly let me introduce myself: I am Ruby, CEO and co-founder of WUKA period pants. We are the only period underwear that completely replaces tampons and pads.  WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and, just like the name, we are on a mission to smash taboos while creating the most comfortable and eco-friendly period … Continue reading Business Feature|WUKU Period Pants

Guest Blog|A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time”

A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time” I know this year I was determined to put “Me Time” at the top of my list of goals to accomplish. Honestly, I have found trying to find even the smallest amount of time, 15-30 minutes a day, is challenging. They say a woman’s work is never done, … Continue reading Guest Blog|A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time”