Business Feature|WUKU Period Pants

Firstly let me introduce myself: I am Ruby, CEO and co-founder of WUKA period pants. We are the only period underwear that completely replaces tampons and pads.  WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and, just like the name, we are on a mission to smash taboos while creating the most comfortable and eco-friendly period … Continue reading Business Feature|WUKU Period Pants


Guest Blog|A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time”

A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time” I know this year I was determined to put “Me Time” at the top of my list of goals to accomplish. Honestly, I have found trying to find even the smallest amount of time, 15-30 minutes a day, is challenging. They say a woman’s work is never done, … Continue reading Guest Blog|A Woman’s Guide to Finding “Me Time”

Guest Blog| Being Imperfectly Perfect

Being Perfectly Imperfect Is there anything wrong with wanting to be perfect? Simply answered: True perfection doesn’t exist. Imagine if we were all perfect. We would do all the right things all the time. We would all be rich or at least have what we need. We would all look the same. We would all … Continue reading Guest Blog| Being Imperfectly Perfect

Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

WAS I GOOD ENOUGH? “Am I a good enough mother?”  I have asked myself this question many times over the years. As a parent, I always tried to give my children as much as I could. I myself didn’t grow up in a household with a lot of money, but I had a mother who … Continue reading Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

Inspiration|Truth about Anger

Truth About Anger Shortly after my dad's funeral I remember going into my shell of anger. Im sure at the time of the funeral I remembered why I was so pissed and why I stopped speaking to my family but as seconds went by, minutes went by, hours went and days went by. Then months.... … Continue reading Inspiration|Truth about Anger

Inspiration|Mother May I?

Mother May I? Thinking back on it I really wish I would have afforded my kids the opportunity to run through restaurants using their outside voices. Thinking back on it I'm not really sure why I forbade them to do so. I'm not really sure why I tried to pick my children's friends. Some of … Continue reading Inspiration|Mother May I?

Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling|If It Quacks Like A Duck... I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the story about The Ugly Duckling. To jog some of your memories, The Ugly Duckling is about a swan that was considered to be the ugly duckling because "the duckling" really didn't fit in the the other … Continue reading Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling

Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Why must I pretend to be so strong? Why do I act as if the friends I lost never existed? To keep from crying I pretend that them and I or I and them never met. If I cry that finalizes that they're really gone. Is it okay to cry when the relationship is over? … Continue reading Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Inspiration| Why Am I In THIS Circle

Why Am I in This Circle Have you ever watched a fish tank and noticed that there's always that one fish that's trying to force his way into the larger school of fish but for some reason the fish doesn't really fit it? In some cases the fish could be the same size or shape … Continue reading Inspiration| Why Am I In THIS Circle

Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

What would happen if I listen What would happen if I listen? Would life be better if we took a moment away from our busy lives to listen? To ask myself this question implies that I've never listened to anyone-which may be partially true. No time in life have I asked myself this question but … Continue reading Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

Prayer|A Mother’s Prayer

Prayer for mothers: Lord help me be a better mother than I was yesterday.Help me to listen more to my children rather than disregarding their tiny words.Teach me so I will be able to teach them.LORD guide my feet so that I can guide the feet of my children.Help me to be strong when I … Continue reading Prayer|A Mother’s Prayer