Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

I am a registered nurse and one of my favorite jobs was doing bladder studies.  Yeah, I know "eewww!"  It was a messy job for sure but it came with great perks. I could either do local assignments or travel assignments.  I enjoyed the travel assignments because it was like going on a little vacation.  … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

Mother’s Day Celebration|A letter to my Nana

My Nana, Icie Mae Goodwin aka Gypsy…. I really don’t know where to begin. I grew up most of my life with my paternal grandmother. She was and still is a very important part of my life. Although in my troublesome teens, well into my tempting twenties, I would not listen to or apply the … Continue reading Mother’s Day Celebration|A letter to my Nana

Etiquette Tip|Regarding Flowers

It's almost natural to give our mothers flowers of some sort on Mother's Day right? Right! So this year let me give you a tidbit of advice regarding Mother's Day and flowers: The most common flowers that people tend to give for Mother's Day are carnation flowers, which I absolutely hate carnations because they are … Continue reading Etiquette Tip|Regarding Flowers