Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Hello, My name is Rachel and I'm a new parenting and lifestyle blogger. My blog focuses on the rollercoaster of parenting. I try to cover all topics-it's easy to  it's easy to focus on all the wonderful things that happen when you become a parent. I aim to cover everything, no topic off-limits, hopefully with an … Continue reading Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

I am a 22 year old mum enthusiast. Arthur's mum (further training required). A refreshingly sincere blog on my own experience as a first time mum to assure you it's not just you and we're all in this mum gig together. (thank me later) My blog is focused on my experience as a young, first … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

Celebrity News | Bristol Palin on your new baby girl

No need for more Christmas presents for former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and the Palin family because Bristol has already delivered a bundle of joy.  Bristol welcomed a baby girl -Sailor Grace into the world Wednesday. Birth weight unknown. Here's a note from Sarah to Bristol Being a mother is a great experience with … Continue reading Celebrity News | Bristol Palin on your new baby girl

Guest Post|A Message for True Mothers

I was recently asked, “What does it mean to be a mother?” Immediately, being a Christian, minister, and mentor, my mind went to scripture. However, I began to think outside of the box at the greater call of parenting. I began to think of notable great women, who may, or may not have been physical … Continue reading Guest Post|A Message for True Mothers