Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

A MOTHER’S JOURNEY: THE UNBREAKABLE WILL OF A FIERCE WOMAN She was born in a remote island village in the Philippines.  She was married and pregnant at the age of 14.  During that time, women married at a very young age. It was typical to get married young and become a simple housewife. She came … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

I am a registered nurse and one of my favorite jobs was doing bladder studies.  Yeah, I know "eewww!"  It was a messy job for sure but it came with great perks. I could either do local assignments or travel assignments.  I enjoyed the travel assignments because it was like going on a little vacation.  … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Tiffany Bearden

Featuring Moms|Ashley Mercedes

I am sharing a funnier memory of just how crazy my mom can be. My mom, Maria raised three kids on her own, I am the youngest at twenty-seven years of age. This happened when I was around eight or nine years old. My oldest brother liked to drop the F-bomb constantly, but at the … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Ashley Mercedes

Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

My name is Anna Besperat and I love my mom. She's my hero! I was 13 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was told she would be lucky to live another 3 years. She's still here, 32 years later. After her diagnosis, my step-father took off, stating he'd married a woman and that … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

WAS I GOOD ENOUGH? “Am I a good enough mother?”  I have asked myself this question many times over the years. As a parent, I always tried to give my children as much as I could. I myself didn’t grow up in a household with a lot of money, but I had a mother who … Continue reading Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

I am a 22 year old mum enthusiast. Arthur's mum (further training required). A refreshingly sincere blog on my own experience as a first time mum to assure you it's not just you and we're all in this mum gig together. (thank me later) My blog is focused on my experience as a young, first … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

Guest Post|To the father I never knew

Growing up without my father, wanting him to be present in my life...I wish he would've loved me enough to be the standard that I judged men on... Instead I judged them based upon the years of hurt that the world caused me. It took me a long time to realize my worth and how … Continue reading Guest Post|To the father I never knew

Mother’s Day Tribute |Say cheese mommy

My number 1 supporter. My mother, Beatrice is always there for me. She traveled to Louisiana to take care of me when I was sick on several occasions. I love her to life because she demonstrates her love for us daily. Love is a action word when referring to my mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom from … Continue reading Mother’s Day Tribute |Say cheese mommy

Happy Mother’s Day!

Although we will celebrate for the whole month of May we wanted to take a minute to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers. I know that some of you have mothers that are in heaven just know that we have extra angels that are watching over us today. Continue to celebrate the … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Tribute|Its really hard to say Happy Mother’s Day

One of the things I remember fondly of my mother when I was growing up was the times she spent with me making furniture for my Barbie dolls out of old shoe boxes and other random things we could find around the house. Since we couldn't really afford the Barbie dream house or the Barbie … Continue reading Mother’s Day Tribute|Its really hard to say Happy Mother’s Day