Blog Feature|Mimi Prentice

Hi I am Mimi I am a British Italian Lifestyle blogger based in the UK,  Wales  to be exact, I started my blog in July 2018, It was a very hot Summer  and I was going through a bad time having just lost my Father and my Mother just being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I needed … Continue reading Blog Feature|Mimi Prentice

Blog Feature|Fishing Stripes

Hi my name is Brandi and I'm a stay at home mom to five little pirates. Yes they are my pirate crew who try to either hijack my ship or take me into the Bermuda triangle. I also have a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome,  which is a connective tissue disorder. I have … Continue reading Blog Feature|Fishing Stripes

Blog Feature|The Darling Dog Mom

Hello! My name is Rachel and that cutie is my dog Bean! Together we make up the Darling Dog Mom, a pet blog devoted to helping provide information and advice to the modern pet parent! For the longest time I was simply a loving cat mom. I originally had three cats named Lily, Binx, and … Continue reading Blog Feature|The Darling Dog Mom

Blog Feature|The Spoonie Mummy

My name is Natalie and I blog at  I write about life and parenting with chronic illnesses.  I have been chronically ill since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis aged 15 months.  I also have crohn's disease, an ileostomy, iritis, ostopenia, chronic anemia, anxiety, high blood pressure and had a hip replacement aged 23.  I am … Continue reading Blog Feature|The Spoonie Mummy

Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

WAS I GOOD ENOUGH? “Am I a good enough mother?”  I have asked myself this question many times over the years. As a parent, I always tried to give my children as much as I could. I myself didn’t grow up in a household with a lot of money, but I had a mother who … Continue reading Guest Blog| Was I Good Enough

Blog Feature|Robyn Writes

Hello my name is Robyn and I’m a mother of 2 a step mother of 2 more and a survivor of poor mental health. I’m a children’s author whose debut is currently in publication due for release. My blog is hosted on my author website and incorporate all of those things with posts about mental … Continue reading Blog Feature|Robyn Writes