Business Feature| She Minds

Hello, my name is Dr. Sam Akbar and I am a clinical psychologist and a trauma expert. I treat refugees with PTSD who have survived torture, war and sexual violence. It's a great privilege to do this work but as some light relief I write a blog, She Minds ( to share some my very best … Continue reading Business Feature| She Minds

Blog Feature| The Strawberry Post

I’m (Kitty) Cat Strawberry and I’m the creator of The Strawberry Post.  I’m a thirty-something lady who enjoys both simple and silly things like cat videos to very serious subjects like politics and health. I started this blog after several years of starting and failing to keep up other blogs.  It’s not that I didn’t like my blogging, I … Continue reading Blog Feature| The Strawberry Post

{Episode 3 RECAP}

Hello Everybody, we have Episode 3 ready and on deck!  For those of you that are not familar with Periscope don't worry.. We will help you through it. You just click the link here and follow our channel and set your alarms to watch us every Thursday at 4pm {PST}|5pm {MST}|6pm {CST}| 7pm {EST}.  Here's … Continue reading {Episode 3 RECAP}

Blog Feature|Katherine Massey-The Honest Blogger

I am Katherine Massey Aka The Honest Blogger. Katherine Massey is also known as “The Honest Blogger”, with her no filter approach to life as she talks openly about her mission to end the stigma around mental health. She is the founder of Flintshire Housewives(FHW), a supportive community group with a charitable aim which supports local women … Continue reading Blog Feature|Katherine Massey-The Honest Blogger

Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

I am a 22 year old mum enthusiast. Arthur's mum (further training required). A refreshingly sincere blog on my own experience as a first time mum to assure you it's not just you and we're all in this mum gig together. (thank me later) My blog is focused on my experience as a young, first … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

Blog Spotlight|One More Light LB

My name is Lisa but due to work and blog conflict, I use the blogging alias "LB".  I'm a Scottish woman in my mid-twenties that is passionate about reducing stigma surrounding mental health related topics. I love music, traveling, and I've always loved writing. I started my blog this year to keep up the conversation … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|One More Light LB