Guest Post| Love Story {Part 4}

Presenting … My wonderful fiance   He loves me, cares for me, motivates me, reprimands me…. (husbands are supposed to do this…isn’t it?) What makes him different? (You cannot like someone all the time, nor have a dislike to some of his traits.) His enthusiasm to see that I progress, rise higher every day, is … Continue reading Guest Post| Love Story {Part 4}

Marriage|Picking up the pieces

Picking up the pieces Have you ever been at a place in your marriage that you just didn’t know how to pray? Are difficult times making it too hard to pray? Maybe sometimes you really just don’t want to pray for him…been there!  I know all too well what this is like.  Sometimes when you … Continue reading Marriage|Picking up the pieces

Guest Post|Married Life

Are the fireworks still going off in your marriage? Couples, when I think of fireworks it brings to mind the word EXPLOSIVE! That's how our marriage should be...explosive, in a good way! Wives, we should be explosive in the bedroom...dress up, take the bonnet off and give your husband some excitement when they come to … Continue reading Guest Post|Married Life

How fast would you say BYE BYE to a dying relationship

So many times we allow things that happen in our marriage to make us throw in the towel. I know this all to well! I wanted to give up several times in my marriage; not because I didn't love my husband, but because I didn't know how to be a wife, friend, and mother all … Continue reading How fast would you say BYE BYE to a dying relationship

Marriage|How I survived the test and trials…

Sometimes in marriage we live our lives with a lot of untold truths,baggage, and hurt from our past. We don't want others to know that wehave been damaged and broken by others--as if we're weak-- This was ME... I lived my life hiding behind a tough girl persona. For years I allowed myself to live … Continue reading Marriage|How I survived the test and trials…