Business Feature|Blaif Magazine

Daniela Pisciottano, Blaif Magazine Editor in Chief I am a Creative Writing & Journalism graduate from Middlesex University in London; after a few years working as a feature writer for the Arts, Lifestyle and Fashion niches, in May 2019, I launched the women-led digital publication Blaif Magazine. The primary aim of the publication is to … Continue reading Business Feature|Blaif Magazine


Business Feature| Quail Bell Magazine

Hello, my name is Christine Sloan Stoddard and I'm a Salvadoran-American writer, artist, and filmmaker originally from Arlington, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. I've written books, directed films, had a few art shows, and also founded Quail Bell Magazine. I'm the first woman in my family to earn a four-year degree and go to graduate school. I … Continue reading Business Feature| Quail Bell Magazine

Business Feature| Dr. Enaysha Thompson

Dr. Enaysha Thompson is a PR Strategist, Publisher, Planner and Consultant.  As a Public Relations Consultant and Strategist, Project Manager, and Publisher/EIC. Dr. Thompson is eclectic in her skill set and extremely diverse in expertise. She has worked in Corporate, Nonprofit, Entrepreneurial, and Entertainment sectors.  With 15+ years of experience, she has handled Media and … Continue reading Business Feature| Dr. Enaysha Thompson

Video| 5 Quick Steps to Get Featured in the MEDIA {Watch & Learn}

If we could be honest, most of us have really amazing ideas but we really don't explore the full possible of how successful we could be until someone comes around and sparks that bit of fire under our butt. Recently, we started sharing tips on Periscope that we hope will be that inspiration that pushes … Continue reading Video| 5 Quick Steps to Get Featured in the MEDIA {Watch & Learn}