Blog Feature|Thoughts of ChiChi

Hey, my name is Chiemelum but I usually go by Chichi or Chi for short Thoughts of Chi is the space that I use as an outlet for me to share my experiences during my walk of faith and also to share my poems, songs and self-discovery journey in the areas of lifestyle and travel. … Continue reading Blog Feature|Thoughts of ChiChi

Business Feature|British Style Society

Hello, my name is Natasha Henson and I am a UK based fashion and lifestyle creative, and editor of British Style Society. I started my journey as a blogger and honed my abilities in writing for several lifestyle outlets. My passion for writing stemmed from a young age where I became a published poet at the … Continue reading Business Feature|British Style Society

Blog Feature|The Story of Ashleigh Davis

Hi! I am Ashleigh, a 22-years young inspiring writer, and women's advocate. I have been running my Lifestyle blog for just under 3 years. I originally started my blog as an anonymous individual to scared to show the world who I was but now, I openly share my life and aim to help others by doing so. … Continue reading Blog Feature|The Story of Ashleigh Davis

Blog Feature|Cher Belle Blog

My name is Nonsi Mshengu and I am a young, charismatic blogger who loves life and all that it entails. My blog is called Cher Belle, which means Dear Beautiful and that is the exact feeling I want my readers to have when they read it. I want them to feel beautiful, empowered and to … Continue reading Blog Feature|Cher Belle Blog

Guest Blog|What I Hate About My Fiance’

I have been with my FIANCÈ for 6 years now and yes that’s quite a long time to get to know someone and slowly peel back those 'honeymoon layers’ to reveal who they actually are. And it will forever bewilder me even now just how much he likes to ‘show off’ in front of his … Continue reading Guest Blog|What I Hate About My Fiance’

Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Hello, My name is Elena and I am 23 years old. I was born in Romania and moved to Canada with my family at only 11 years old. As much as I love Canada, I live in one of the poorer provinces, which if you know much about Canada’s economy, is not a financial friendly … Continue reading Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Blog Spotlight|Deanna Stilwell

  Hello My name is Deanna Stilwell and I am your not so average girl here to share my experiences with you to remind you that you are not so average yourself. I love creating things and writing so I thought I’d invest some time into this and see where it goes. I’m a 22 year … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Deanna Stilwell

Blog Feature|A Lifestyle Nerd

Taiwo is a 19 year-old student and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog as a book blog to discuss the books she had read and later converted it into a lifestyle blog where she writes about life tips, motivation, skin care and of course, books. She also loves sharing blogging tips she learns along the … Continue reading Blog Feature|A Lifestyle Nerd

Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Hello, My name is Rachel and I'm a new parenting and lifestyle blogger. My blog focuses on the rollercoaster of parenting. I try to cover all topics-it's easy to  it's easy to focus on all the wonderful things that happen when you become a parent. I aim to cover everything, no topic off-limits, hopefully with an … Continue reading Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Blog Feature|Robyn Writes

Hello my name is Robyn and I’m a mother of 2 a step mother of 2 more and a survivor of poor mental health. I’m a children’s author whose debut is currently in publication due for release. My blog is hosted on my author website and incorporate all of those things with posts about mental … Continue reading Blog Feature|Robyn Writes

Blog Feature|Life Like A Galaxy Girl

My name is Alanna but I go by the name A, I'm 19, I am obsessed with rose gold and I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When I am not blogging I am working in an elderly care home or I have my head in the book studying forensic science and American history. You … Continue reading Blog Feature|Life Like A Galaxy Girl

Blog Feature|Life of the Aspiring

Hi there, I’m Elle and I run the blog Life of the Aspiring  Hi there, I’m Elle (short for Elleanor if anyone was wondering), I am about to make tohe change from College to University! Obviously, for everyone in this position this is an exciting and nerve wrecking time so in my attempt to stay calm … Continue reading Blog Feature|Life of the Aspiring