Inspiration|Having Strength

Saying I'm sorry is not a weakness it's a sign of strength-LK

Inspiration|Quotes from Ruby Dee

A lot of times we never take time to just sit back and listen to words of wisdom. Do we ever stop to think about what other people say or are we too focused on our response? Sadly to say most of what people say really don't resonate with us until a person is deceased. We … Continue reading Inspiration|Quotes from Ruby Dee

What Sheryl Sandberg wrote about grief

It's been 30 days since Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg lost her husband, Dave Goldberg, in an exercise accident while on vacation in Mexico. We wanted to share the essay of Sheryl because it was trending on social media, we wanted to share the writing of Sheryl because we wanted to share with other women the … Continue reading What Sheryl Sandberg wrote about grief