Business Feature|Claire Ferguson (Life Coach)

Claire is 56 and, for most of her recent career, has worked as a senior PA including ten years with Rolls-Royce plc. Since 2010 Claire has closely studied the subject of personal development and been coached by a Taoist Monk. As a result she passionately believes that what we think determines how we feel… and, consequently, how we feel influences our perception of the world, which shapes our reality. … Continue reading Business Feature|Claire Ferguson (Life Coach)


Business Feature|Zip Us In

Hello, my name is Kate Bell. I started my first business out of necessity rather than choice. I married my childhood sweetheart at only 21 and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter at only 22. With less than 1 year of marriage behind us, my husband left to be with a friend of mine, … Continue reading Business Feature|Zip Us In

Inspiration|Stop Explaining

It's funny how the people that we explain ourselves to the most are the ones that are the least supportive of us. For some strange reason,most people, women especially, we tend to equate having to answer extensive questions for someone as their way of caring about or being concern about us. STOP! Stop! Stop! Stop … Continue reading Inspiration|Stop Explaining

Inspiration|This is only a TEST

The funny thing about life is it never gives you any type of warning signs. The only certainty that you have about life is death. We all at some point we are going to die, but what about the things in the middle? The middle being what happens between point A and point B. The … Continue reading Inspiration|This is only a TEST

Guest Post| Self-Esteem

Having self-esteem doesn't mean you have self-love. I used to take it for granted that if you had self-esteem you had self-love. Not true!  I realized that self-esteem is finding my place in the world, what I feel I am skilled at in business, in performing, and having an overall confidence in being in the … Continue reading Guest Post| Self-Esteem

VIDEO| 5 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me

Most of us will always praise our moms for the things that they do for us or we will praise our moms for the things they have done for us in the past. We never probably ever realized it, but most of us have had moms who could make nothing into something. If we think long and … Continue reading VIDEO| 5 Things I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me

Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

A Letter To My Younger Self Dear Darling Girl, Very early in life things were very difficult and I should not have had to deal with any of it.  These events led to a loss of innocence and being deprived of a normal life. There is so much I could say but the most important … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

Guest Blog|The Halfway Point: A Mid-Life Perspective

The Halfway Point: A Mid-Life Perspective If I'm lucky, I'm only halfway through my life. And, like I said, that's if I'm lucky. I turned 45 in August. If I'm lucky and live to be 90, then I'm halfway through my life. Of course, I could be much more than halfway through my life, and … Continue reading Guest Blog|The Halfway Point: A Mid-Life Perspective

Blog Feature| Adeoti Rukayat Oyindamola

Hello my name is Oyinda! Oyinda is 20-year old woman who's absolutely in love with writing. I've has been writing for over a decade, and I write about everything I'm very passionate about. I'm extremely passionate about women's affairs, self development, and natural hair care.   Please take a moment and connect with my social outlets … Continue reading Blog Feature| Adeoti Rukayat Oyindamola

Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 3}

Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs the following question: As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share? Today this question was answered by music blogger Amy, from Ai Love Music Hmmmm, it is hard to say what makes me different then other women … Continue reading Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 3}

Inspiration|Truth about Anger

Truth About Anger Shortly after my dad's funeral I remember going into my shell of anger. Im sure at the time of the funeral I remembered why I was so pissed and why I stopped speaking to my family but as seconds went by, minutes went by, hours went and days went by. Then months.... … Continue reading Inspiration|Truth about Anger

Inspiration| Being Beautiful

Being Beautiful As women, there so many things that we can not do effectively. Even after many attempts and a lot of practice there are still certain things we can not do. Most of the things that we are not familiar with we tend to learn from others.Sometimes we learn the things we know from … Continue reading Inspiration| Being Beautiful