Blog Feature| Sheri Dyas Mellott

I’m Sheri and my blog is! I’m a 52-year old mom of 3, a military spouse and I put myself on hold for 20 years to follow my husband’s military career around the country.  Along the way, I lost myself.  I spent my 30s raising my 3 babies and then fell into a decade … Continue reading Blog Feature| Sheri Dyas Mellott

Beauty|National Lash Day

Hey Beauties, Did you know that February 19 is National Lash Day? National Lash Day was submitted by House of Lashes and proclaimed by the Registrar at National Day Calendar to be observed annually on February 19. Eyelashes are a key staple to every makeup look and beauty enthusiast.  Lashes have always been known to … Continue reading Beauty|National Lash Day

Saying goodbye to fake eyelashes

So this is totally of the grid for me but because I absolutely love this product, I decided that I would share. You see, I am a card holding member of the wimpy lashes club. I don’t think I realized how wimpy my lashes were until my early thirties. I never put much thought into … Continue reading Saying goodbye to fake eyelashes