Inspiration|Am I A Bully?

You're ugly You're fat You can't read You can't spell Am I a bully?!? You're stupid You're dumb You look like a monkey Why are you wearing those clothes? Am I a bully? Gimme your money Gimme your snacks Give me your shoes Am I a bully? What will our bullies become? Whether we want … Continue reading Inspiration|Am I A Bully?

Guest Post| How to Communicate With Kids Effectively

When I was younger, I had a wonderful relationship with my Mother. Growing up it was only my mother and myself, I lost my father when I was 4. We had a bond that was unbreakable, and communication was a large part of this bond. Communicating with our children should come easy to us, but … Continue reading Guest Post| How to Communicate With Kids Effectively

News| The Most Beautiful Girl in the World is ONLY 10

When people happen to Google the term "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," a young lady by the name of Kristina Pimenova hangs out at the top of the search engine's results. And while she's already earned an editorial in Vogue Italiaand starred in campaigns for the likes of Armani Kids, Roberto Cavalli Junior and DSquared2 kidswear, Pimenova is serious about boosting … Continue reading News| The Most Beautiful Girl in the World is ONLY 10

What’s New| Curvy Barbie dolls

Look!! Mattel has a new shaped Barbie. Over the years Barbie has changed her skin tone, her hair,still has the same boyfriend (lol) but  now she's changed her shape. We would love to say its about time but the AVERAGE little girl won't care about these changes..These are mainly to please parents...We're curious to see … Continue reading What’s New| Curvy Barbie dolls

Good Reads| The Monster’s Inside

In just about every nursery rhyme that most of us have ever heard included a good little boy name Jack. The Jack from The Monsters Inside was also a good little boy but he had monsters inside. He was really no different from any other child but he allowed his "monsters" or should we say … Continue reading Good Reads| The Monster’s Inside

Recipe| Reindeer Stew -Tea

When the weather changes it's a must to stock up on tea and hot chocolate. Here's a quick recipe that we wanted to share with parents and grandparents since it's getting a little cold out: Reindeer Stew  is a name that our founder-LaNette gave this mixture in order for kids to drink it proudly in front of their friends. … Continue reading Recipe| Reindeer Stew -Tea

Rest in peace KYSSI

Picture courtesy of Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews (facebook profile)[/caption] Most of us on social media had been praying and following the updates for Khyrstin (Kyssi) Andrews, a 7 year old little girl who was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Wilm's Tumor (kidney cancer). Kyssi was so adorable and she stole all of our hearts.To wake up this … Continue reading Rest in peace KYSSI