Recipe| Chicken Tetrazzini 

Have you ever just sat at a table and wondered why we eat what we do and what's the history of it all. Do you think we are so over obsessed by food because we never take the time to know what's what? Here's a dish is super popular especially when it comes to Italian … Continue reading Recipe| Chicken Tetrazzini 

Recipe| Lasagna Soup

If you love soup,pasta and lasagna this recipe kinda serves several purposes all at one time. Needless to say whoever thought of this recipe is a genius Have you ever wondered where lasagna came from? According to Paglicacci Pizza, when the Romans overthrew Greece and occupied the country around 146 BC, they set about adopting … Continue reading Recipe| Lasagna Soup

Tasteful Tuesdays| Acquerello

We created Tasteful Tuesdays to showcase amazing restaurants in the United States and to also expose female Chefs and restaurant owners right in your area. Today's Tuesday feature is  Chef Suzette Gresham of Acquerello About Chef Suzette Gresham Acquerello’s co-owner and Executive Chef, Suzette Gresham, has led an incredibly accomplished career, receiving countless awards and accolades. … Continue reading Tasteful Tuesdays| Acquerello

Recipe|Italian Pasta Salad Supremo with Primavera Toast

It's nothing better than going out to a nice restaurant and eating great food with family or friends. It's even better when you can get that same great restaurant food at home. We're so grateful for this recipe shared by Olive Garden. Hope you enjoy! INGREDIENTS PASTA SALAD 12 oz tri-color rotini pasta (or your … Continue reading Recipe|Italian Pasta Salad Supremo with Primavera Toast