Inspiration|This is only a TEST

The funny thing about life is it never gives you any type of warning signs. The only certainty that you have about life is death. We all at some point we are going to die, but what about the things in the middle? The middle being what happens between point A and point B. The … Continue reading Inspiration|This is only a TEST


Business Feature| Green Tutors

My name is Georgina, and I run Green Tutors.  I studied a BSc in Forensic Science at UWE, before starting work in GSKs research labs. However, after buying my house eight years ago I needed to supplement my income in order to finance the required renovation. I started personal tuition in maths and science.  In … Continue reading Business Feature| Green Tutors

Business Feature| TempaGoGo

Caroline Pegden, co-founder of TempaGoGo Caroline Pegden is the co-founder of TempaGoGo, an award-winning comparison website for temporary recruitment agencies in the UK.  After more than 10 years in the public and private sector, working in large private corporations such as JPMorgan or McKinsey, she left the comfort of a stable career to start her … Continue reading Business Feature| TempaGoGo

Guest Post| Harassment is NOT OKAY {My Personal Story}

**Trigger Warning to those who have been victim to or dealt with harassment of any sort. This post contains pictures of the conversation in which I discuss, if you tend to have issues with messages with sexual undertones please proceed with caution. My goal is to inform and empower people, however, if you are not … Continue reading Guest Post| Harassment is NOT OKAY {My Personal Story}

Business Feature| TBC Training & Coaching

Teresa has been married for over 40 years and is mother of two amazingly talented daughters & Grandmother to two super star Grandsons. She lives in a quiet little hamlet in the depths of the Mid Devon countryside where she loves to spend her quiet time surrounded by nature. Her passion is helping people to … Continue reading Business Feature| TBC Training & Coaching

Guest Post| The Ultimate Testimony

If I Did Not Know Him!! If I did not know Him where would I be? I’m sure we all have heard this spiritual hymn at one time or another in our lives. So when someone says that what does that really mean? Well let me tell you about my experience and my truths of … Continue reading Guest Post| The Ultimate Testimony

Guest Post| Self-Esteem

Having self-esteem doesn't mean you have self-love. I used to take it for granted that if you had self-esteem you had self-love. Not true!  I realized that self-esteem is finding my place in the world, what I feel I am skilled at in business, in performing, and having an overall confidence in being in the … Continue reading Guest Post| Self-Esteem

Business Feature| Genesis Joyner

Hello, my name is Genesis Joyner . I grew up somewhere in between beliefs. Kind of a super religious atheist with polytheistic views. This caused me a lot of pain. I never quite felt I belonged. Somewhere inside I knew there was a God but I didn't understand His connection to me. This caused deep … Continue reading Business Feature| Genesis Joyner

Guest Post| Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer

Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer Hacks to Keep Cool Beauty Products: Chilling some beauty products will cool you down when you apply them, and as a bonus, will extend the life of some especially in extremely hot or humid areas. I keep my lotions, face toners, aloe gels, moisturizers, and eye creams in the … Continue reading Guest Post| Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer

Inspiration|Dont Force What Doesn’t Fit

You have a new life and new goals but there’s only one problem...You are still at the point in your life where you’re still forcing things that don’t fit. You want control and you want certain things in your life to just feel perfect. 👗You’re forcing friendships that don’t really fit because you are trying … Continue reading Inspiration|Dont Force What Doesn’t Fit

Feature|Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin

Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin is an author (of many books and a Psychology Today column) and lecturer (approximately 200 keynotes and other speeches so far). She has taught as far as University of Cambridge in England and a small school in the DR Congo but lives in California writing books for academics and others. Her two doctorates … Continue reading Feature|Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin

Business Feature| Fort Mason Games

Kate Gorman is Founder, CEO, & President of Fort Mason Games. She skyrocketed onto the mobile gaming scene before even graduating from college. Kate took her first full-time job at Zynga, where she experienced her first IPO, drove growth for multiple game launches of over 10 Million Daily Average Users. At 25, she became the … Continue reading Business Feature| Fort Mason Games