Women Are Roses Honoree| Nikki Smith

We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this … Continue reading Women Are Roses Honoree| Nikki Smith

New Single| Dear Jesus by LaNette, our Founder

Since starting our website, blog and organization, we have used this platform to recognize amazing women all over the world. Sadly we haven't taken the time to recognize or shine a spotlight on one of the women who has made this opportunity possible for other women, our Founder LaNette. Because of LaNette’s personality she wouldn't … Continue reading New Single| Dear Jesus by LaNette, our Founder

Business Feature |Publicist At Work

My name is Nikki Smith, born March 10, is a publicist, promoter, and media specialist. She graduated from Yvonne A Ewell Townview Magnet Center in Dallas, TX. She then went on to graduate with a BA degree in Communication from Texas State University in 2004. She gained a love for entertainment and the arts early on and met … Continue reading Business Feature |Publicist At Work

Music Lyrics| Mahalia Jackson

Troubles of This World is a song that my grandmother sung at her church when I was a kid, but this song was best sung by gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. According to to Bio.com Mahalia was born on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana and started singing as a child at Mount Moriah Baptist … Continue reading Music Lyrics| Mahalia Jackson

A Moment In History| Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin born on Jan. 19,1943 She claimed the blues, soul, gospel, country and rock with unquestionable authority and verve, fearlessly inhabiting psychedelic guitar jams, back-porch roots and everything in between. Her volcanic performances left audiences stunned and speechless, while her sexual magnetism, world-wise demeanor and flamboyant style shattered every stereotype about female artists - … Continue reading A Moment In History| Janis Joplin

The fight I won against breast cancer

Marquetta My Story: How I Survived May 21, 2012 was the day I received the most devastating news of my life.  Out of the three breast biopsies performed one came back positive for breast cancer.  Denial set in, I kept thinking this could not possibly be true.  I’m a child of God and something like this … Continue reading The fight I won against breast cancer

Save the Date|You’re Invited

{SAVE THE DATE} Women with Gifts is hosting 2015 I Survived" Gospel Concert to celebrate survivors of breast cancer,sexual abuse and domestic violence. We want everyone that understand that this is not just a regular, basic, gospel concert, the I Survived Gospel Concert is a movement to celebrate survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and … Continue reading Save the Date|You’re Invited