Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 16}

As a woman, if you could do anything to change the world what would it be? I love this question because one of my goals as a woman has always been to change the world, or at least my little part of it, for other women and girls like myself. Today this question was answered … Continue reading Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 16}


Inspiration|Love YOU First

This first person you should love in life is yourself. After you love who you are then start to love the way you talk. The way you walk. The way you eat and etc. Most relationships fail because when you don't love who you are you tend to pick apart your mate and hate everything … Continue reading Inspiration|Love YOU First

Inspirational| Quotes for Women

Quotes for women are pretty similar to a swift kick in the pants. Unsure why but quotes sometimes gives us that boost that either acts as reminders of who we are and/or what we're capable of as strong women.. Thats why we so love great quotes right? Right! Here's 10 of our favorite women quotes:"Dress … Continue reading Inspirational| Quotes for Women