Inspiration|Love Story

Love Story You and Me... It almost sounds like a favorite love song on the radio. Where did you go? Where did you allow me to go? Where have our love gone? Can we ever get back to the place where we held each other close at the movies? Or when you would allow me … Continue reading Inspiration|Love Story

Inspiration|Being Right

Being Right Most of the time,when we attempt to communicate with others we do not really listen because we are too busy thinking about how to respond. Not responding in the manner to communicate effectively only responding to be right. Why is it so important to be right? When I'm wrong do I take a … Continue reading Inspiration|Being Right

Inspiration|If at First You Don’t Succeed

If at First You Don’t Succeed When at first you don't succeed do you really try... try again? Like who even created that motto? What does it really mean to TRY when you've become accustomed to failing? When you try do you attempt something new or something old? People say "it's" like riding a bike … Continue reading Inspiration|If at First You Don’t Succeed

Inspiration|Mother May I?

Mother May I? Thinking back on it I really wish I would have afforded my kids the opportunity to run through restaurants using their outside voices. Thinking back on it I'm not really sure why I forbade them to do so. I'm not really sure why I tried to pick my children's friends. Some of … Continue reading Inspiration|Mother May I?


Downfalls It's amazing how I tend to see videos on social media of people maybe playing an instrument or someone is singing amazingly and the caption reads "look how well this homeless man can sing" or "look how well this homeless lady can play the piano." Why do we tend to judge people based on … Continue reading Inspiration|Downfalls

Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling|If It Quacks Like A Duck... I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the story about The Ugly Duckling. To jog some of your memories, The Ugly Duckling is about a swan that was considered to be the ugly duckling because "the duckling" really didn't fit in the the other … Continue reading Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling

Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Why must I pretend to be so strong? Why do I act as if the friends I lost never existed? To keep from crying I pretend that them and I or I and them never met. If I cry that finalizes that they're really gone. Is it okay to cry when the relationship is over? … Continue reading Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Inspiration|Half Full

Is the glass half empty or is it half full? Is the glass half empty or is it half full? This is a metaphor that I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing or have heard over and over at some part of their life but let's take a moment to elaborate on this topic. If … Continue reading Inspiration|Half Full

Inspiration| Why Am I In THIS Circle

Why Am I in This Circle Have you ever watched a fish tank and noticed that there's always that one fish that's trying to force his way into the larger school of fish but for some reason the fish doesn't really fit it? In some cases the fish could be the same size or shape … Continue reading Inspiration| Why Am I In THIS Circle

Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

What would happen if I listen What would happen if I listen? Would life be better if we took a moment away from our busy lives to listen? To ask myself this question implies that I've never listened to anyone-which may be partially true. No time in life have I asked myself this question but … Continue reading Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

Inspiration| What Happens When I Fall?

What Happens When I Fall What happens when I fall? Imagine that for a moment. Better yet think about a time you stumbled but you actually didn't fall. Now think about the time that you fell in a public place. Most of us when we are about to fall or the fall actually happens we … Continue reading Inspiration| What Happens When I Fall?

Inspiration|Finish Line

Why is it so hard to finish what we've started? When I say we I actually mean us as WOMEN. Just in case you haven't realized it yet the majority of the things on our website is geared towards WOMEN. Only because we hope our audience can relate. {Men are welcome too but only if … Continue reading Inspiration|Finish Line