Book Feature|A Winters Tale: New York by Carly Thompsett

On December 17,2018, we had the opportunity to feature Carly Thompsett and her business Anaphase and today we are talking more about her recent book, A Winter's Tale: New York.  Carly has been an entrepreneur for 4 years when she started her business Anaphase Store in 2015, Carly struggled though her educational years with being dyslexic and … Continue reading Book Feature|A Winters Tale: New York by Carly Thompsett

If You’re Amazing… We Would Love To Feature You! {Super Easy Ways To Be Feature On}

Hello Amazing Women, It's no secret that we've been featuring women on our website. We haven't featured just your everyday women but, extraordinary women. Since starting our website, we have always used our platform to feature and support female writers and entrepreneurs.  Take a look at our ABOUT US page in order to learn more … Continue reading If You’re Amazing… We Would Love To Feature You! {Super Easy Ways To Be Feature On}

Book Review| I Will If You Won’t Let Me by Kate Blake

It was a day after Christmas on December 26, 2018, when we first featured Kate Blake on our website. She was featured on our website because of our recent project that she finished in conjunction with her 50th birthday. Recently,  we had the honor of reading Kate Blake's latest project, I Will If You Won't … Continue reading Book Review| I Will If You Won’t Let Me by Kate Blake

Business Feature| Eleonora C. Bastos

Eleonora is a sought-after health and wellness professional who strives to revolutionize the world of health and wellness. Former certified Integrative Nutrition Practitioner and Speaker, Eleonora more recently became the Best-Selling Author of Go Feed Yourself: The Essential Guide to Feeling Healthier and Happier in Your Body, a book designed as a 12 week program … Continue reading Business Feature| Eleonora C. Bastos

Business Feature| Kirly-Sue

Kirly-Sue (aka Susanne Kirlew) is a vegan social media influencer, food writer, radio & TV presenter and published author. Kirly-Sue s writes about vegan food and lifestyle and was named as one of the Top 100 in the Lift Effects Star Awards.  I have produced 3 episodes of a cooking show entitled Kirly-Sue's Global Kitchen. … Continue reading Business Feature| Kirly-Sue

Business Feature| Hags Ahoy

Hello, my name is Melissa Todd. I run a theatre company called Hags Ahoy (, which is currently touring a play my husband wrote and directed. I write a column for the local paper and am a contributing editor to the Blue Nib literary journal. I'm also writing a book with award wining poet Matt … Continue reading Business Feature| Hags Ahoy

Business Feature|Sophie Tanner

Hello, my name is Sophie Tanner. I wrote my first novel, Reader, I Married Me, after going through a bad break up - being cheated on, lied to and rejected by the person I trusted the most. But, you know what, looking back I realize it was one of the best things that ever happened … Continue reading Business Feature|Sophie Tanner

Business Feature|Noor Hibbert

Noor’s journey to spiritual, professional and emotional gravity and balance was born out of a turbulent childhood that left her to pick up the pieces of her identity in a world where she wasn’t normal. Stuck between not being white enough for the kids at school, not traditionally Middle Eastern enough for her father; she slid … Continue reading Business Feature|Noor Hibbert

Business Feature| Rebecca Spelman

Rebecca Spelman is a freelance writer based in Ireland. At just 24 years old, Rebecca has already written ten books, produced a critically acclaimed play, and built a business that she’s incredibly proud of. Rebecca specialises in website content and blog posts, but her writing experience has covered everything from social media content to chatbot scripts. For … Continue reading Business Feature| Rebecca Spelman

Book Feature| Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Author Sarah Tyler about her recent book, Spaghetti Head which is available both on her website and on Amazon. Please take a moment to read our recent interview with Sarah as well as her bio below: Sarah Tyley is a Self-Published Author, who, when not gardening for a … Continue reading Book Feature| Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Feature|Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin

Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin is an author (of many books and a Psychology Today column) and lecturer (approximately 200 keynotes and other speeches so far). She has taught as far as University of Cambridge in England and a small school in the DR Congo but lives in California writing books for academics and others. Her two doctorates … Continue reading Feature|Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin

Business Feature| Spaghetti Head

Hello, My name is Sarah Tyley and I grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset and had the most fantastic childhood, during which I developed an unwavering love for cows.  I would have to be biased towards Friesians, but really, any cow will do.  And the funny things is, that in my adult years, I … Continue reading Business Feature| Spaghetti Head