Business Feature|Charissa Jewelry

Hello my name is Charissa! I was a small town girl who said "I'd never live in Alaska because it is too cold." Can you guess where I live now? Yes! I live in Alaska and love it! Before moving to Alaska, I would visit my aunt who was like my best friend and who … Continue reading Business Feature|Charissa Jewelry

Guest Post|4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination

4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination We’re all guilty of doing it, more often than we’d like to admit. Procrastination may not be just about turning in your school report/work project at the last minute. It may also be putting off important life decisions like whether or not you should ask your boss for that … Continue reading Guest Post|4 Key Ways to Stop Procrastination

Business Feature| Mia Rose

I am an early-thirties boss babe and/or female entrepreneur. I’ve been working for myself since I was 21 years old. After pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Art, Design and Media, I pursued a freelance career in Graphic Design for 5 years. I learned the roots of running a business myself fairy quickly, but gained more … Continue reading Business Feature| Mia Rose

Blog Feature| Adeoti Rukayat Oyindamola

Hello my name is Oyinda! Oyinda is 20-year old woman who's absolutely in love with writing. I've has been writing for over a decade, and I write about everything I'm very passionate about. I'm extremely passionate about women's affairs, self development, and natural hair care.   Please take a moment and connect with my social outlets … Continue reading Blog Feature| Adeoti Rukayat Oyindamola

Business Feature|Remembrance Wardrobe

My name is Nicole, I'm an aspiring blogger, who blogs outfits using my late mothers clothing with my own. I also blog about grief and mental health. I wanted to not only honor my mother with Remembrance Wardrobe, I also want to help others who are going through grief and hardships. Clothing can help us … Continue reading Business Feature|Remembrance Wardrobe

Business Spotlight|Anaphase Store

Carly has been an entrepreneur for 3 years when she started her business Anaphase Store in 2015, Carly struggled though her educational years with being dyslexic and dysbraxic but she has broken those barriers down to live out her dreams. Since receiving help from the Princes trust, Carly has become a business mentor and ambassador … Continue reading Business Spotlight|Anaphase Store

Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 3}

Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs the following question: As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share? Today this question was answered by music blogger Amy, from Ai Love Music Hmmmm, it is hard to say what makes me different then other women … Continue reading Random Thoughts|What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 3}

Blog Spotlight|Deanna Stilwell

  Hello My name is Deanna Stilwell and I am your not so average girl here to share my experiences with you to remind you that you are not so average yourself. I love creating things and writing so I thought I’d invest some time into this and see where it goes. I’m a 22 year … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Deanna Stilwell

Inspiration|What do I Say To The Person in the Mirror

What do I say to that one person that may be either a friend or family member that always need something? Sometimes more than you have or are willing to give. What do I say to that one person that can never seem to get back up on their feet for one reason or another? … Continue reading Inspiration|What do I Say To The Person in the Mirror

Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Hello, My name is Rachel and I'm a new parenting and lifestyle blogger. My blog focuses on the rollercoaster of parenting. I try to cover all topics-it's easy to  it's easy to focus on all the wonderful things that happen when you become a parent. I aim to cover everything, no topic off-limits, hopefully with an … Continue reading Blog Feature|Rachel Downing

Blog Feature|GrandFashLife

My name is Erica Raquel, I run the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog GrandFashLife. I'm a fashion designer and certified makeup artist. I began my blog in hopes to not only provide fashion inspiration but everyday life inspiration as well. I believe in empowering others to love and appreciate all that they are and where … Continue reading Blog Feature|GrandFashLife

Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling|If It Quacks Like A Duck... I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the story about The Ugly Duckling. To jog some of your memories, The Ugly Duckling is about a swan that was considered to be the ugly duckling because "the duckling" really didn't fit in the the other … Continue reading Inspiration| The Ugly Duckling