Business Feature|Marella Campagna

Marella, fashion designer by origin and writer by adoption. In her adolescence she endured classical studies, which lit her passion for literature, reading, and writing, complementing the artistic skills which she nurtured ever since she was a child, particularly in the areas of drawing and garment design. This blend of experiences led her to undergo … Continue reading Business Feature|Marella Campagna

Blog Feature|Thrift N Styles

Hello, my name is Tammy. I am the blog owner of Thrift N Styles. I was inspired to start Thrift N Styles because I like clothes and growing up, my parents were on a limited budget. My parents went to a few retail stores to purchase some new clothes for me but the rest of … Continue reading Blog Feature|Thrift N Styles

Business Feature| Marian K

Marian K is a personal stylist, senior editor of ITS Fashion magazine, blogger who helps people find their best fashion and beauty self through her blog, Instagram and styling.  The consultant who was born in The Gambia, West Africa and is of Ghanaian heritage. The Gambia is a small country but so vibrant in color … Continue reading Business Feature| Marian K

Blog Feature|Cher Belle Blog

My name is Nonsi Mshengu and I am a young, charismatic blogger who loves life and all that it entails. My blog is called Cher Belle, which means Dear Beautiful and that is the exact feeling I want my readers to have when they read it. I want them to feel beautiful, empowered and to … Continue reading Blog Feature|Cher Belle Blog

Guest Blog|What I Hate About My Fiance’

I have been with my FIANCÈ for 6 years now and yes that’s quite a long time to get to know someone and slowly peel back those 'honeymoon layers’ to reveal who they actually are. And it will forever bewilder me even now just how much he likes to ‘show off’ in front of his … Continue reading Guest Blog|What I Hate About My Fiance’

Business Feature|Remembrance Wardrobe

My name is Nicole, I'm an aspiring blogger, who blogs outfits using my late mothers clothing with my own. I also blog about grief and mental health. I wanted to not only honor my mother with Remembrance Wardrobe, I also want to help others who are going through grief and hardships. Clothing can help us … Continue reading Business Feature|Remembrance Wardrobe

Blog Feature|GrandFashLife

My name is Erica Raquel, I run the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog GrandFashLife. I'm a fashion designer and certified makeup artist. I began my blog in hopes to not only provide fashion inspiration but everyday life inspiration as well. I believe in empowering others to love and appreciate all that they are and where … Continue reading Blog Feature|GrandFashLife