Business Feature| Mindset Maven

I'm Nikola Howard, Mindset Maven. A polymath that has the superpower of "connecting the dots". I'm an author, coach, and mindset & human physiology mentor. I firmly believe that to be a fully realized and peaceful human, one needs to unite body and mind. I work primarily with overwhelmed businesswomen who struggle with being overweight, … Continue reading Business Feature| Mindset Maven

Business Feature|Ingnite Your Creativity

Hi, I’m Jo and my candle making business was born on my kitchen table 7 years ago. Out of a desire to remain eco and sustainable I began filling empty candle jars. Soon friends and family asked how to make their own candles and so the beginners candle making workshop was created. A year later … Continue reading Business Feature|Ingnite Your Creativity

Guest Blog| Tips for Building a Healthy Family Life

How happy would you say your family life is? Are you content or do you find yourself wishing that you had more time to spend with your family? Let’s take a look at how you can raise a happy family even with a busy work schedule.  It’s no secret that today parents are usually working … Continue reading Guest Blog| Tips for Building a Healthy Family Life

Guest Post| Traits of a Great Parent

Traits of a Great Parent Anything that is worth having is worth the effort to keep. That includes an open and honest relationship with your children. I always keep the lines of communication open with my them. When I make myself available to discuss things, I encourage them to be open and honest, as I … Continue reading Guest Post| Traits of a Great Parent

Guest Blog|Family Organization Tips

Family Organization Tips  One of the hardest parts about getting your family organized is knowing where to start. Often, family members feel like they can't stop long enough to get organized. It can be so discouraging to get your home organized and then watch helplessly as the clutter makes its way back in. How does … Continue reading Guest Blog|Family Organization Tips

Inspiration|The Perfect Gift

As a teen, I remember my brother and I were inseparable or at least that was what I thought in my mind. In my mind we were close and that probably was because when he got in trouble with my parents, I was right there with him and vice versa. In my mind we were … Continue reading Inspiration|The Perfect Gift

Inspiration| Being Beautiful

Being Beautiful As women, there so many things that we can not do effectively. Even after many attempts and a lot of practice there are still certain things we can not do. Most of the things that we are not familiar with we tend to learn from others.Sometimes we learn the things we know from … Continue reading Inspiration| Being Beautiful

Inspiration|Being Right

Being Right Most of the time,when we attempt to communicate with others we do not really listen because we are too busy thinking about how to respond. Not responding in the manner to communicate effectively only responding to be right. Why is it so important to be right? When I'm wrong do I take a … Continue reading Inspiration|Being Right

Inspiration|Mother May I?

Mother May I? Thinking back on it I really wish I would have afforded my kids the opportunity to run through restaurants using their outside voices. Thinking back on it I'm not really sure why I forbade them to do so. I'm not really sure why I tried to pick my children's friends. Some of … Continue reading Inspiration|Mother May I?

Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Why must I pretend to be so strong? Why do I act as if the friends I lost never existed? To keep from crying I pretend that them and I or I and them never met. If I cry that finalizes that they're really gone. Is it okay to cry when the relationship is over? … Continue reading Inspiration|Is It Okay to Cry

Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

What would happen if I listen What would happen if I listen? Would life be better if we took a moment away from our busy lives to listen? To ask myself this question implies that I've never listened to anyone-which may be partially true. No time in life have I asked myself this question but … Continue reading Inspiration|What Would Happen If I listened

Inspiration| What Am I Good For

WHAT AM I GOOD FOR Have you ever stopped and asked yourself..... WHAT AM I GOOD FOR? {be honest} This is the question I ask myself when I'm having the roughest day possible or I've allowed people to get under my skin. Without a second thought, I'll ask why am I here or what am … Continue reading Inspiration| What Am I Good For