Business Feature| Evermore

An adventurer by nature, hustler by choice. Alessandra is an international entrepreneur, investor, and speaker based between the UK and the US. She grew up in Switzerland, one of the reasons why she became fluent in 6 different languages. She started exhibiting an entrepreneurial mindset early on - aged 11, Alessandra started reselling books and … Continue reading Business Feature| Evermore


Announcements| 2 DAYS Til Women Are Roses EVENT

Can you imagine? Like seriously we've been waiting for this event ALL YEAR and now our Women Are Roses Event is only 2 DAYS AWAY!!! Yaaaay! What is the Women Are Roses Event anyway and what is it all about? As most of you know, Women With Gifts Intl. is a nonprofit organization that has … Continue reading Announcements| 2 DAYS Til Women Are Roses EVENT

Business Feature| Spice Kitchen

Spice Kitchen is a family run artisanal spice and tea company run by a mother and son team Sanjay & Shashi Aggarwal (aka Mamma Spice & Baby Spice!). Started over the kitchen table on Christmas Day 2012, the business is centered around Shashi's expertise and knowledge with spices and spice blends.  Shashi was born in … Continue reading Business Feature| Spice Kitchen

Amazon Description| Women Are Roses The Book

First, we would like to say that this book wouldn't have been possible with the following FEMALE authors: Priyanka Nair LaNette Kincaide Pamela Cohen Michelle Besay Nicole D. Willis  Jennifer A. Carfora Lindsay Coldrick Z. Walker Nancy P. Mulligan Lady Radonna Bell Hopefully, by now each of you had the opportunity of going online to … Continue reading Amazon Description| Women Are Roses The Book

Business Feature| Torie A Jones

Torie A. Jones Torie Jones a native of Jacksonville Florida, grew up loving art and music. Her passion for the arts began at a young age. As a child, she was surrounded by art and music, along with the beauty of her family’s love of arts and crafting, which kept her interest in fine arts.  She … Continue reading Business Feature| Torie A Jones

Inspiration| Small Accomplishments

Sometimes it's just the little things that get you motivated, but sadly most of us when we think of ourselves we tend to think of all of our flaws instead of our attributes.  If you took out a piece of paper to describe yourself you more than likely would think of all of your flaws … Continue reading Inspiration| Small Accomplishments

Women Are Roses Honoree| Michelle Besay

We are too excited about our upcoming 2019 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony that is taking place in Colorado on June 1,2019. During this event we will laugh, we will cry but most of all we will celebrate each other for everything that WE have done as women to inspire other women. One of this … Continue reading Women Are Roses Honoree| Michelle Besay

Announcement| Look Who’s Joining Us June 1,2019

We are excited to announce that Dr. Yana Johnson will be joining us for both our May 31,2019 Networking and Book Launch Event and our June 1,2019 Women Are Roses Aware Ceremony to give our honorees words of encouragement. In addition, since she is the author of As a Women Thinketh, she will have ONE … Continue reading Announcement| Look Who’s Joining Us June 1,2019

Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

A MOTHER’S JOURNEY: THE UNBREAKABLE WILL OF A FIERCE WOMAN She was born in a remote island village in the Philippines.  She was married and pregnant at the age of 14.  During that time, women married at a very young age. It was typical to get married young and become a simple housewife. She came … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Rosanna Lundberg

Business Feature| Midlife Unstuck

Stories have always fascinated and inspired me. The stories I heard as a child moved me, challenged me and drove me to enjoy working in various corporate roles around the world.  I spent many years listening to the career stories of senior leaders from different companies, industries, and countries. In the ten years leading up … Continue reading Business Feature| Midlife Unstuck

Business Feature|EBYAK

Ashlea Atigolo is a British Men's Fashion Designer, Website Designer, AI Developer, and Entrepreneur. Her passion and dedication in using fashion as a way to empower people and the environment through sustainable statement pieces are perfectly presented in her vision for an innovative and distinctive menswear line with EBYAK. From a young age, Ashlea always … Continue reading Business Feature|EBYAK

Business Feature| Dr. Yana Johnson

  Dr. Yana Johnson MBE is an author, international speaker, empowerment specialist, and a highly successful entrepreneur. Awarded an MBE by the queen, Yana Johnson rose out of her personal struggles as a single mother and turned her situation around by single-handedly growing the first independently owned UK cosmetics company for which she was recognized and honored. British business leader Dr. … Continue reading Business Feature| Dr. Yana Johnson