Business Feature| Weird Tees

My name is Lauren, I’ve been known to most people in my life as Lor. I grew up in a tiny beach town in very southern New Jersey, just outside Cape May. I grew up living like your classic beach bum, hitting the waves before school and spending every second in the sun I possibly … Continue reading Business Feature| Weird Tees


Blog Feature| Kia Harris

Kia is an eclectic entrepreneur and founder of Dare Humanity. Dare Humanity is a nonprofit organization that creates and delivers programs for self-sufficiency, community-driven development and entrepreneurship. She obtained a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco and prior to graduate school, she earned a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Spanish from … Continue reading Blog Feature| Kia Harris

Guest Vlog| Accepting Yourself As A Woman

This week our organization went from blog to vlog thanks to the fabulous Miss Casey Quesadilla. Recently, one of our guest writers and friends took our organization on a journey from blogging and vlogging and we were totally okay with that. We can't thank you enough Casey for wanting to help us spread the word … Continue reading Guest Vlog| Accepting Yourself As A Woman

Business Feature|HitchHike Tours

My Name is Swati Goyal and I was born and brought up in Uttarakhand, India. Unlike many girls I was given equal opportunity to study and make career in any field which I chose but there was a constant pressure to choose between Engineering/Medical. So, I chose Engineering over Medical and did my Btech in … Continue reading Business Feature|HitchHike Tours

Business Features| LioBites Fruit Crisps

My name is Anna Oldbury and I am the founder of LioBites fruit crisps and smoothie bites. I run a small, start-up business and a I am a mum to 2 school age girls. What makes me different? My perseverance, hard work and drive. I run LioBites in between school runs, gymnastic drop offs and … Continue reading Business Features| LioBites Fruit Crisps

Business Feature|Samantha Gregory

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant, Samantha Gregory survived childhood bullying, single motherhood, domestic abuse and violence, homelessness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, and date rape.Now she thrives and motivates others to take a page from her life as inspiration and motivation. She went from WIC and chronic financial hardship making $6.25/hr to 6-figure success as … Continue reading Business Feature|Samantha Gregory

Announcement| We Received “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Hello! Women With Gifts Intl. recently received the Sunshine Blogger Award! Funny thing is we may have been nominated for these type of awards in the past but didn't know what they meant. Today, however we wanted to take a moment and let it soak in that our friends at NChanting Whispers nominated us for such … Continue reading Announcement| We Received “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Random Thoughts| What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 8}

As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share? Today's question is answered by Daniela Pisciottano A sense of belonging. That’s what we all strive to achieve as human beings. But it seems like every time we decide to join other people … Continue reading Random Thoughts| What Makes Me Different From Other Women {Part 8}

Business Spotlight|Smoothie PR

Charlotte Moore is founder of The Smoothie Bar – a monthly membership club that teaches fab foodie start-ups how to do their own responsive PR in 10 mins a day for only £59pm. You are also able to join the 10-day free trial to learn how to get PR without paying crazy agency fees, cold … Continue reading Business Spotlight|Smoothie PR

Blog Feature|Virtual Siyahi

Hello, I am Priyanka Nair from Mumbai, India. 32 years old. Born and bought in a Nuclear family. I am a postgraduate in Business Administration. Computer Geek and Internet savvy, still learning new skills to upgrade my self. I have worked in industries for six years and it was in 2016 when I was diagnosed … Continue reading Blog Feature|Virtual Siyahi

Guest Blog|Story of Starting a Business

Growing a business is work- Hard work! Can you imagine not only growing and running a business but also taking care of a home and a family? This is my life. The life of a mother of 4 children, wife to an active duty Sailor, and a businesswoman. When I say I have had my … Continue reading Guest Blog|Story of Starting a Business