Inspiration|Day of the Week

Regardless of the day of the week remember that you are blessed! Blessed to be breathing. Blessed to empower others and blessed because you are BETTER than you were yesterday. Continue to share that blessing of be uniquely YOU with others.


Sometimes when we think of our DESTINY, we envision it to be similar to a vacation which is why a lot a lot of us never make it to the place we dream of. We never make it to this place called destiny because we have more of the "bucket list" mentality instead of embracing … Continue reading Inspiration|Destiny

Daily inspiration for women|Changing a dead end to a crossroad

How to turn a dead end into a crossroad. Have you ever been at a dead end? Did it end up being a dead end for real? Or, like me, were you just so stuck you had no idea how to move forward? I believe that most of what we call a dead end in … Continue reading Daily inspiration for women|Changing a dead end to a crossroad

Kicked out of a comfort zone

I remember as a child my grandmother FORCED me to sing and speak in church. I hated speaking in front of people and she knew it. Whenever the church gave her an opportunity to speak or sing she used that moment to allow her children and grandchildren to shine. My heart dropped into my shoes … Continue reading Kicked out of a comfort zone