Business Feature|Get Brindled

Annette Greenwood is a straight-talking down to earth woman with a warm-spirited often wicked sense of humor. Success came to her in the strangest of ways….. Annette suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Having found conventional treatments unhelpful she then found Adaptation Practice (AP) a radically different approach. AP is based on authentic Zen Buddhist … Continue reading Business Feature|Get Brindled


Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

My name is Huda, a 29-year-old Lebanese American. I’ve been married to my husband, Mahmoud, for three years, and we have a beautiful one-and-a-half year old boy named Ameer and a bouncing baby girl on the way whom we’ve decided to name Sophia! Just this past December, I decided to launch my own website in … Continue reading Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

Announcement| Mental Health Initiative

How ironic that the week of "Blue Monday", we would have the opportunity to connect with both  My Simple Mind and MH Crisis Angels  to attempt to bring awareness to mental illness. What is Blue Monday? According to,The third Monday of January has been awarded the gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark … Continue reading Announcement| Mental Health Initiative

Business Feature| Mood Booster Journal

Hello my name is Camilla Woolgar and I launched The Mood Booster Journal after my experience of anxiety/depression. As I recovered it fuelled a passion and idea to help other people. During the time of anxiety/depression I found myself trying to write down little notes, reminding myself of anything which had great and deep meaning to … Continue reading Business Feature| Mood Booster Journal

{Episode 3 RECAP}

Hello Everybody, we have Episode 3 ready and on deck!  For those of you that are not familar with Periscope don't worry.. We will help you through it. You just click the link here and follow our channel and set your alarms to watch us every Thursday at 4pm {PST}|5pm {MST}|6pm {CST}| 7pm {EST}.  Here's … Continue reading {Episode 3 RECAP}

Inspiration| Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry When I was younger, I'm almost certain I had valid reasons to cry. I remember I would cry when I fell off my bike, when my brother got ice cream and I didn't. I think I even cried when Eddie pushed me off the swing in the 5th grade and called me … Continue reading Inspiration| Sometimes I Cry

Guest Post| Anxiety and Me

Anxiety and Me Anxiety is a pain, and this is something I am familiar with. Having anxiety in any of its forms can stop you from doing many things and most importantly living life to the full. There’s been so many times where my anxiety has put up a wall and I just can’t seem … Continue reading Guest Post| Anxiety and Me

Getting through a personal dilemma

Have you ever been weathering a storm and you just didn't know how you were going to make it out? In the storm, you prayed, you cried, but nothing seemed to change. In the storm you felt lonely, you felt empty, and you felt left behind. You wondered if God cared about what you were … Continue reading Getting through a personal dilemma

Ways to know that depression is all your mind

I read an article over the weekend about another celebrity who committed suicide and she was only 25. So today I would like to encourage those people who are struggling with this spirit called DEPRESSION. Life's most challenging situations will sometimes have you feeling "shell shock". The term “shell shock” was coined by military soldiers … Continue reading Ways to know that depression is all your mind