Featured Blog| Simply Katricia

Simply Katricia Bio When simply katricia was born, it was a result of a divorce from a shared blog. A rebirth of space for me to identify and share my likes and dislikes in the areas of interest. Allowing me to freely enjoy my natural highlights of life without resentment, ridicule, or judgment of why. … Continue reading Featured Blog| Simply Katricia


Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 7}

Everybody has got a story tell but our's is my favourite. I met my Mr.Nair 14 years back, when we were graduating in college and we became friends, he is an extreme introvert and shy kind of a person, I was lucky to grab his attention. Soon love was all in the air but the … Continue reading Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 7}

Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 3}

Not sure how many people believe in love at first site but here is our story. I met my husband in the summer of 1988. I was coming home from a long days work, one beautiful afternoon and in the distance I can see three gentlemen approaching. I thought nothing of it, grab my things … Continue reading Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 3}

Inspiration| Lost Love Letter

Sometimes we forget to put our pens to paper and share our truths. Share the intimate details that you may or may not feel comfortable saying aloud. What are our truths? What are the things we should say but we bury it at the back of our minds?What we tend to forget as women, or … Continue reading Inspiration| Lost Love Letter

Guest Post|Don’t be a wife with NO ring!

We are living in a time where morals and standards are seemingly extinct. Not to say they still don’t exist but the chances of meeting someone with them is rare. But that doesn’t mean you should give up the hope of finding it. It simply means you will have to up your standards so that … Continue reading Guest Post|Don’t be a wife with NO ring!

Relationships|Should women give their husbands a “PASS” to cheat?

Recently VIBE reported comedian, talk show host, entrepreneur and actress, Mo'Nique's point of view towards allowing or not allowing her husband the opportunity to explore options outside of the marriage. Take a moment and read what Mo'Nique had to say about how she felt about giving hubby a "pass to cheat" below:   Mo’Nique referred … Continue reading Relationships|Should women give their husbands a “PASS” to cheat?