Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Hello, My name is Elena and I am 23 years old. I was born in Romania and moved to Canada with my family at only 11 years old. As much as I love Canada, I live in one of the poorer provinces, which if you know much about Canada’s economy, is not a financial friendly … Continue reading Blog Feature| Pending Adulthood

Business Feature|N. Dahir

N. Dahir is a young Canadian author and poetess. With a great passion for writing and storytelling, she self-published her first book at the age of 20 on August 2018. The book which is called "Tales Of When" is a short collection of poetry that showcases stories through time and urges readers to think critically … Continue reading Business Feature|N. Dahir

Missing|Angela Romanchik

St. Thomas police are asking for the public’s help finding a missing woman.Police say on Wednesday evening, 25-year-old Angela Romanchik left her house and went to a local licenced establishment downtown. She was supposed to return home just after 11 p.m., but never arrived. Police say she may have left the establishment in a vehicle … Continue reading Missing|Angela Romanchik

News| Muslim woman attacked in Toronto

It's really sad when a parent can't pick up their children from school without being attacked. It's worse when you attackers tell you to "go back to your own country." It's statements like those that shows us that people have yet to learn about cultures, and American history. Toronto police say a Muslim woman reported … Continue reading News| Muslim woman attacked in Toronto