Business Feature| Superfood Bakery

  Introducing the Superfood Bakery! We are a two-year-old startup, and an all-female team with two co-founders (from Russia and Ukraine) based in London. Here is a bit about us! We are Tania & Ksenia, co-founders of the Superfood Bakery. We sell all-natural, gluten-free & dairy-free baking mixes - free of chemicals, preservatives and cheap bulking … Continue reading Business Feature| Superfood Bakery


Business Feature| Hackytips

I'm Sanjota Purohit, Native Indian currently staying in the United States. I wrote my novel “Sanjeevini” in Kannada language (One of the Indian Language) in 2018. It is a romantic love story where a Boy and Girl love deeply without seeing is each other, Sanjeevini is special to me because it is my own story! … Continue reading Business Feature| Hackytips

Business Feature| Dr. Enaysha Thompson

Dr. Enaysha Thompson is a PR Strategist, Publisher, Planner and Consultant.  As a Public Relations Consultant and Strategist, Project Manager, and Publisher/EIC. Dr. Thompson is eclectic in her skill set and extremely diverse in expertise. She has worked in Corporate, Nonprofit, Entrepreneurial, and Entertainment sectors.  With 15+ years of experience, she has handled Media and … Continue reading Business Feature| Dr. Enaysha Thompson

Business Feature|Freshly Spiced

Hello, I'm Claire Ali and I am a mother of 2 (Jacob aged 4 and Amelia aged 1), a wife and business owner with my husband Tom and live in Nottingham with our crazy labradoodle Bella.What started as a task to try and get me into experimenting with flavours and basically gain confidence in the kitchen … Continue reading Business Feature|Freshly Spiced

Business Feature|Black Girlz Productions

Shaneisha Dodson is an award-winning playwright and the founder of Black Girlz Productions. Dodson was born in Arkansas and currently resides in Texas. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Grambling State University, M.A. in counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and an Ed. S in education from Walden University. Dodson has won several awards: 2018 … Continue reading Business Feature|Black Girlz Productions

Business Feature| Christian’s Red Balloon

Cara Martinisi is a wife and mother to three boys. Her oldest son, Christian, lives in heaven. She is the founder of the non profit organization, Love From Heaven - Christian Martinisi Memorial Fund Inc. After losing her son four years ago, unexpectedly, she formed the organization to offer light to those who are in their darkest days. The mission of organization is … Continue reading Business Feature| Christian’s Red Balloon

Business Feature|The Penguin Patrol

Hi, I'm Sophie and I run The Penguin Patrol, an online penguin themed gift store. My business actually started with an instagram account (and a question) - I always loved penguins, and after a trip to see the penguins at my local zoo, I was let loose in the gift shop and fell in love … Continue reading Business Feature|The Penguin Patrol

Business Feature|HitchHike Tours

My Name is Swati Goyal and I was born and brought up in Uttarakhand, India. Unlike many girls I was given equal opportunity to study and make career in any field which I chose but there was a constant pressure to choose between Engineering/Medical. So, I chose Engineering over Medical and did my Btech in … Continue reading Business Feature|HitchHike Tours

Business Feature|Blaze, The Firewalking Experts

Hello my name is Karen. Aged 40 I was a single mum & nurse in Scotland when my fiancé in Nottingham, England, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. We got married in hospital, the wedding was organised in 4 hours. At the same time, we were also organising my husband's funeral, just in case he … Continue reading Business Feature|Blaze, The Firewalking Experts

Business Feature|Nikki Ford’s Business Academy

Hello, my name is Nikki Having spent nearly ten years in the fashion business (Nikki was on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2011, subsequently securing £250k of investment for her clothing brand Made In Preston before exiting in 2015) Hesford Media was launched in 2017. She had used agencies for SEO, PR and marketing while running my fashion … Continue reading Business Feature|Nikki Ford’s Business Academy

Business Spotlight|Coppa della Maga

Hello my name is Kalina Halatcheva and before starting my own business I worked for a large insurance company. After I finished my MBA at London Business School, however, I felt the confidence and urge to create my own business and I choose a sector I loved, which is food. When I started 6 years … Continue reading Business Spotlight|Coppa della Maga

Business|The Carrot or the Stick:A Manager’s Conundrum

In my many years of business experience, I have observed that management styles can typically be categorized into two approaches: the “stick” or the “carrot.” The “stick” method is by far the more dubious of the two. Often characterized by negative reinforcement or threats of punishment, managers tend to resort to the “stick” when they … Continue reading Business|The Carrot or the Stick:A Manager’s Conundrum