Blog Feature|Mimi Prentice

Hi I am Mimi I am a British Italian Lifestyle blogger based in the UK,  Wales  to be exact, I started my blog in July 2018, It was a very hot Summer  and I was going through a bad time having just lost my Father and my Mother just being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I needed … Continue reading Blog Feature|Mimi Prentice

Blog Feature|Are You There Blog

At my core, I am a writer and find the written word to be key for the honest expression of myself -- fully and clearly. I am a Catholic, a wife of over 20+ years, a mother of 3, a loyal friend, an anxious mess, and passionate about expressing the thoughts and emotions that (I … Continue reading Blog Feature|Are You There Blog

Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

My name is Anika De Freitas and I am from Trinidad who is a blogger and new writer who wants to touch many hearts with my words. Writing became a part of me many years ago. It is one of the many surprises I have and want to share my passion for writing to each … Continue reading Blog Feature| Simple Precious Moments

Blog Feature| Lellalee

Lellalee was created for all my fellow mothers, wives, historians, writers, and explorers around the world. I’m Ashley, a 34-year-old mother and wife. I live in Manchester, UK. I began my adult life in 2001 at the age of 17, as a single teenage Mum. I decided to attend college and eventually went to University. … Continue reading Blog Feature| Lellalee

Blog Spotlight|All Things Alexx

My name is Alex  and I have a blog which covers a full range of topics which I deem important to me. I talk a lot about my job working in Early Years and my professional interests which is Autism and other additional needs. I also cover topics such as mental health, self care and anything … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|All Things Alexx

Blog Stats|2015

Hello Friends! We first wanted to thank you all for supporting Women With Gifts and our website in 2015. Its because of all of you that we've hit some pretty great milestones in 2015 and we wanted to share those moments with you. Because you stopped by or shared our blogs with your friends, WordPress … Continue reading Blog Stats|2015