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Hi! I'm Sophie from, a lifestyle, beauty and little bit of everything blog. I strongly believe that happiness comes from doing what you love, so I watch a lot of Netflix with my partner and cat. Don't worry, that's not all. I also work as a marketing coordinator, a freelance content creator and I'm an Open … Continue reading Blog Feature|

Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

'I was in my early teens when a group of girls from a neighbouring school started causing trouble at the school bus stop - trying to start fights with my friends and I. The rest of my friends decided it was time to move bus stops and avoid the commotion but at the time I … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

Blog Feature|Glamour With Christine

Hello my name is Christine and I was raised in a low-to-middle income family where my mother was the only income provider. My father stayed at home taking care of the household due to medical reasons. I have two other siblings, a brother and a sister, both of which were at least 12 years older than … Continue reading Blog Feature|Glamour With Christine

Business Feature| Renee Comestics Consulting

Sierra Lewis is a 26-year-old entrepreneur committed to creating and sharing self care. Sierra specializes in Business and Product Development. Her consulting firm, Renee Cosmetics Consulting, provides  strategy and services to start-ups looking to commercialize a new health/beauty product or service. In addition, she's created two of her own brands: Flora & Fauna and Good Juu Juu. Her beauty … Continue reading Business Feature| Renee Comestics Consulting

Blog Feature|Free the Acne Blog

Hello, I'm Rosy and I'm a newbie blogger in my early 20s. My blog "Free The Acne" is a place where I share my ideas, my feelings, my tips, my stories and more as an acne sufferer. There, I draw mostly for every single post to express my ideas and feelings and so you can … Continue reading Blog Feature|Free the Acne Blog

5 Fruit and veggies WOMEN need for great hair

"Even a great haircut and expensive products can't mask a head of unhealthy hair. Rich, shiny and strong hair is a result of feeding your body the right nutrients and giving it plenty of water,"stats Karen Curinga, in recent Healthy Eating article.  If you ever wondered how to have great healthy hair keep reading... Who … Continue reading 5 Fruit and veggies WOMEN need for great hair

Beauty|Make-up tricks for plus-size faces

Daleon Listrop of DList Photography[/caption] Since I am plus-size female with a round face, I've always wondered if there was a way to make my face over to give it somewhat of a slim or square look. To cure some of the curiosity about being plus-size and wearing make-up, I interviewed make-up artist, Marilona Samuel … Continue reading Beauty|Make-up tricks for plus-size faces